Why Loose Women star Coleen Nolan has finally given up smoking

Loose Women star Coleen Nolan has revealed why she decided to quit smoking amid worries over her health.

During a chat on GMB today (March 13), Coleen, 59, also revealed the jaw-dropping cost of smoking for four decades.

The Loose Women favourite revealed that she smoked 30 cigarettes a day – despite knowing the detrimental impact it was having on her health.

Coleen Nolan talks quitting smoking on Good Morning Britain
Loose Women favourite Coleen Nolan suffered an acute chest infection and decided to stop smoking (Credit: ITV)

Coleen Nolan admits ‘I couldn’t breath’

In support of National No Smoking Day, Coleen chatted about her turning point when it came to making the decision to quit. She detailed a terrifying moment she “couldn’t get her breathe” after suffering from an “acute severe chest infection”.

Coleen explained the moment that caused her to think she was “dying alone”, happened on a night before filming Loose Women.

I could not get my breath and then had a panic attack.

She explained on Good Morning Britain: “I couldn’t breathe. I got from the lift to the bedroom and I couldn’t breathe.”

Coleen continued: “I could not get my breath and then had a panic attack. I thought, I’m going to die on my own.”

Coleen’s costly smoking habit

Coleen also described cigarettes as costing a “fortune” – and estimated a staggering spend of £500k on her 40-year habit.

She said: “Basically, you may as well take that £20 a day or whatever it is and just set fire to it, as that is effectively what you are doing and killing yourself at the same time.”

This shocking number works out at a spend of £14,000 per year, which Coleen could have spent on other things.

She also gave insight into why she developed the habit, simply stating: “Back in the day when I started it was classed as really cool but no, it’s actually really antisocial.”

She has now not smoked for three months. Well done, Col!

Coleen Nolan wearing green shirt as she talks quitting smoking on Good Morning Britain
The Loose Women star admitted to having a 40-year habit (Credit: ITV)

Coleen Nolan shares pre-diabetes diagnosis on Loose Women

It comes after Coleen Nolan revealed a pre-diabetes diagnosis after suffering a variety of symptoms. She recently said on Loose Women: “I went and had blood tests for things.

“I was feeling tired, but it wasn’t just a normal tired. It was absolute fatigue. Even if I had seven hours sleep, I’d be so tired all day, kept falling asleep and just felt a bit lethargic in many ways.”

Evidently, Coleen had the underlying health concern, which was causing the issues.

According to Diabetes UK: “Pre-diabetes means that your blood sugars are higher than usual, but not high enough for you to be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.”

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