Vanity Fair Oscar Party DJ Ana Matronic Has the Recipe for a Good Time

Emilie Livingston, John McEnroe, Jeff Goldblum, and Richard PleplerPhoto by Dave Benett/VF24/WireImage.

It’s also an era that led to the start of her career, which she has been reflecting on with the recent 20th anniversary of Scissor Sisters’ self-titled debut album. The mainstream success the group experienced in the early aughts was something they never could have anticipated. Matronic likens their trajectory from relatively underground club kids of sorts to Billboard-charting, Grammy-nominated artists to winning the lottery, calling it a “dream job.” 

“I thought that we were too weird, we were too gay, we were too New York nightlife,” says Matronic. “It was almost too niche to happen, and I was wrong. I was wrong about that in a really, really exciting way.” Two decades later, their albums have become dancefloor staples, with over three million monthly listeners on Spotify to this day.

Lately, Matronic has been embracing nostalgia, playing many of those early tracks at Balcon during her weekly gig at the Hell’s Kitchen club. But looking ahead, she teases the possibility of memorializing their debut in a bigger way. “There might be some larger celebrations with the band coming up,” she says with a grin. “But it’s not really anything I can talk about yet.”

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