The Traitors Feud?! Sandra Diaz-Twine Reveals Secret ‘Smokers Alliance’ – And Kate Chastain Claps Back Hard!

The second season of The Traitors may have wrapped up, but the drama between the cast members is far from over! Because Sandra Diaz-Twine and Kate Chastain appear to be feuding over what happened in the game!

It all started when Sandra claimed in a video that there was a secret “smokers alliance” between Kate, Mercedes “MJ” Javid, Chris “CT” Tamburello, and Trishelle Cannatella. As the Survivor alum pointed out, production often divided the cast into small groups and tried not to have everyone in the same room for the sake of the game. However, she believes the foursome often used their smoke breaks to have a private moment, without cameras or producers around, to exchange information they obtained from the other cast members to help them out in the game! Sandra explained:

“Here’s the thing that no one ever put their finger on until the end. There were smokers in the house. The four smokers the entire season were CT, Trishelle, MJ, and then Kate showed up. That was a smokers alliance. Come to find out… I say this for anybody going to play on Season 3: If there is a smoker’s clique, take them motherf**kers out. Because I didn’t know they were sharing information from the faithful of the most faithfuls, the Peter pals, and the leftovers.”

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The proof for her claims? Sandra noted that she and Shereé Whitfield were axed from the game soon after traitor Phaedra Parks was banished — two people the Married to Medicine star protected throughout the season. Then, all that was left were the four smokers. And Sandra believes this result only happened because Kate, a recruited traitor, was “protecting” MJ, CT, and Trishelle to get them all to the finale. Whoa! Sandra continued:

“We ignored that smokers’ clique. And like I said, when Phaedra went home, Sheree got murdered, I got banished because Phaedra, I swear to God, was protecting me, and Kate was protecting her smokers – CT, MJ, and Trishelle. Get me a bible, I will put my hand on it.”

If this theory is true, CT and Trishelle eventually terminated their alliance with Kate and MJ, who was faithful, by banishing them and winning the game. Hmm. Perhaps this is why MJ took her banishment in the finale to heart. She got betrayed by her smoker pals in the end! Watch the video (below):

CT, MJ, and Trishelle have not responded to the claims made by Sandra. But they don’t have to worry because Kate came to all of their defense and clapped back hard at their castmate! She took to X (Twitter) on Tuesday to address the accusation, saying the smokers were not able to secretly strategize or talk about the game at any point since they had mics on and producers with them at all times:

“First of all, I mostly vape. Second of all, the smokers always had a producer chaperoning them and their mics turned on so production could make sure they didn’t talk game”

Makes sense! When one social media user noted her argument that she mostly vapes instead of smokes doesn’t change anything since “in this context they are basically the same,” the Below Deck alum fired back:

“Not really b/c I didn’t go outside”

Well, that would throw a wrench slightly in Sandra’s theory! Kate ultimately insisted no one who smoked had “an advantage” at any point in the claim:

“I absolutely love Sandra. I’m just saying the people that smoked didn’t have an advantage”

Sandra has not reacted to the clap back from Kate. As we mentioned, MJ, CT, and Trishelle have not addressed the claims. But we are curious about what they have to say now! Could they have been plotting all this time? What do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Do you think there was an alliance between the four stars we never knew about until now? Or do you feel Sandra was reaching with this theory? Sound OFF in the comments below!

[Image via Peacock/YouTube]

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