Shannen Doherty Says the “Clutter” Is Out of Her Life

She’s also grateful to have a close support system of people she knows have her back.

“I have people in my life now that truly love me and will walk through hell with me and for me, and I was missing that for a lot of years of my life apparently,” Doherty added. “And I think none of us should waste time because life is incredibly precious, particularly when you have cancer.”

And after everything she’s been through, the actress has a firmer understanding of how she wants to live her life.

“I feel like a lot of clutter is out of my life now and things are much more clear and focused,” she shared. “And I know what I want for myself, and I know how I want to wake up every morning. I just see things in a different light because of the year and a half that was hell. But I’ve 100 percent turned a corner, and I’m happy. I can say that I’ve had a really blessed life and that I’m an incredibly lucky human being.”

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