Sydney Sweeney on Reviving RomCom ‘Anyone But You’ with Big “Gestures”: SXSW

“I wanted to bring back those early 2000 romantic comedies,” said Sydney Sweeney today in her SXSW chat this afternoon about her mission with Anyone But You.

Not only did she star in the movie, but she produced it as well. She’s here at SXSW with her second starring-and-produced by project, Immaculate, world premiering tonight at the Paramount.

“I was working on the script, I hired Will (Gluck) and Glen (Powell),” she detailed, “(I wanted the audience) left wanting to sing and dance in the rain, and have big romantic gestures. I didn’t want to the romcom to be something small, I wanted big set pieces.”

“Will amped up the set pieces in the film,” the actress continued, “we wanted to retain an environment on set in which we had so much fun and shared that love and excitement with the audience.”

“I hope to create more projects where you feel that love and energy and the audience can walk away from wanting that as well.”

Asked by the moderator what 2000 romantic comedy she’d like to remake, Sweeney dodged and passed on answering: “Omigod, I’m going to get dragged on social media.”

Sweeney didn’t mention anything about an Anyone But You sequel in her SXSW chat.

“We’re dreaming up a bunch of different ideas,” The actress recently told People about where she is with costar Glen Powell. “We haven’t really solidified what we want to do yet. But we’re just dreaming up a bunch of different things and seeing what clicks best.”

Made off a production cost of $25M, Anyone But You has been a profitable movie for Sony, grossing $212M at the global box office.

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