Ben Shephard is ‘more confident’ than Cat Deeley

This Morning host Ben Shephard has made a very confident presenting debut this week it seems.

Consequently, a body language expert has already weighed in, pointing out that Cat Deeley is still ‘finding her feet’.

But why is Ben already comfortable whilst Cat needs time to adapt? Discover why This Morning star Ben is ‘more comfortable and confident’ than his co-host.

This Morning host Cat Deeley smiling alongside a confident Ben Shephard whilst presenting the show
Ben Shephard and Cat Deeley made their This Morning hosting debut on March 11 (Credit: ITV / This Morning)

This Morning Ben Shephard and Cat Deeley’s relationship explained

Body language expert, Darren Stanton, has opened up on the new co-hosts’ rapport, on behalf of Betfair Slots. He has analysed Ben and Cat’s already blossoming partnership and what their debut means for This Morning.

He explained: “There’s an instant connection between Cat and Ben. The levels of chemistry they’re showing is similar to some of the best duos on This Morning.

“What’s interesting is that there’s certain times when they’ll lean in towards each other. This is quite significant, particularly for their first show together, as it’s an example of matching and mirroring that you don’t often see.

“Generally, matching and mirroring mainly focuses on gestures and people facing each other, so it’s rare that you see people tilting into each other and almost touching.

It’s completely fluid and effortless between them.

“It shows reciprocal respect and liking. They’ve got a similar situation going on, where they’ve got great eye contact, their smiles are genuine, and there’s no awkwardness. It’s completely fluid and effortless between them.”

Ben Shephard is ‘confident’ This Morning host

Darren explained why Ben already appears more comfortable than Cat. He continued: “Naturally, Ben is going to be more comfortable as he’s only spent his career in the UK.

“He was completely effortless on Good Morning Britain, so it’s no different for him. Meanwhile, Cat has spent a lot of time in America, where they’ve got a different presenting style. You can see elements of that leaking out, but that’s not a detriment to her.

“She’s still finding her feet, which is natural for someone who has just started a new job. It’s going to take a few weeks to transition from her American presenting style back to the UK.

“From a confidence point of view, Ben is a complete natural in front of the camera. He’s got something called unconscious competence – he’s well aware of what he has to do on the show and does it well.

Ben Shephard smiling whilst presenting This Morning
Ben previously hosted Good Morning Britain (Credit: ITV / This Morning)

“While Ben comes over as the more confident presenter, Cat still holds her own and will come up to par in a couple of weeks.

“They’re very well suited as the faces of This Morning – it’s a show that needs two very strong presenters.”

This Morning new presenters

The expert predicted: “I think Cat and Ben are going to make a great permanent team on This Morning. The show is in good hands now. While there’s been a succession of various presenters over the past year, they’ve definitely found their feet with their two.”

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