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Poppi has such a devoted following. Here are some rave reviews from shoppers who adore these drinks.

Poppi Sparkling Prebiotic Soda Reviews

A shopper urged, “ORDER NOW! I was so hesitant to order these. I finally pulled the trigger & im HOOKED! I don’t like sparkling waters or ACV & these don’t taste like either! they taste like a fresh flavored soda. SO GOOD! I’m obsessed.”

Another raved, “This delicious soda is a game changer for those that love soda but stopped drinking it for it’s unhealthy ingredients. It satisfies the craving… The low calories & low sugar make it even better! All flavors are good- fruit being my favorites- but the root beer, cola & Dr. Pepper are close facsimiles if craving the real thing.”

Someone explained, “I grew up a soda drinker and have had a hard time kicking the addiction… it was an addiction for sure. I definitely crave the sweet+fizzy drinks. I have had Poppi on subscription for probably ~6 months now, and it’s the best. Guilt-free (relative to soda!) and gives me everything I want.”

A shopper declared, “I am obsessed with this drink. I love everything about it. I love the benefits of apple cider vinegar, I love the variety of flavors, the low amount of calories, the fact that I can read and recognize every single ingredient that goes into making Poppi, it is simply great!”

“LOVE these sodas! These taste great and are such a great alternative to have something healthier to replace my Diet Coke addiction,” a reviewer wrote.

What is Poppi? 

Poppi is a modern soda that combines agave inulin, apple cider vinegar (ACV), and fruit juice to give you all the soda feels with 25 calories or less, 5g sugar or less, and prebiotics. 

Where can I buy Poppi?

Poppi is available from Amazon, Target, Kroger, Whole Foods Market, Costco, and the Poppi website among other retailers.

Does Poppi need to be refrigerated? 

Poppi is shelf-stable and can be safely stored at room temperature. If you prefer to keep your drinks in the fridge, Poppi is delicious when chilled.

Is Poppi packaging recyclable?

Yes, all Poppi packaging is 100% recyclable.

Is Poppi organic?

Poppi uses some organic ingredients, but is not certified organic.

Is Poppi vegan?

Poppi is vegan, but not certified vegan.

Is Poppi gluten-free?

Poppi is gluten-free, but not certified gluten-free.

Is Poppi non-GMO?

All Poppi flavors are Non-GMO Project Verified.

Is Poppi Kosher?

All Poppi flavors are OU Kosher.

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