Would Maria Georgas Sign On to Be The Next Bachelorette? She Says…

She’s more of a lover than a fighter type—aside from the black belt she holds in Taekwondo. A hobby that earned her a pretty sweet first job as a tween. 

“One of the dads that has a kid in Taekwondo with us was working on the movie The Pacifier and so he got us all an audition,” she explained of her role as Firefly #1 in the 2005 Vin Diesel flick. “It’s not like I was, ‘I’m going to be an actress!'”

Nor is she pining to give Hollywood a shot now. 

“I mean, never say never, but no,” she said. “I’m just shy for acting. I’m okay with being myself but then having to act like something else, I can’t. I’m not good at that.” 

Despite fans bringing up her childhood gig “as if I’m a movie star, I’m Jennifer Aniston,” said Maria. “That is the one and only acting credit I have. But it’s a pretty cool one, huh?”

Perhaps as cool as being named the next Bachelorette? Before that big announcement comes, though, check in with all the past standouts from the ABC franchise. 

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