Why Is It Named Unicorn Island?

Who knew you could learn something new on dating apps? Lilly Singh revealed that her production company name took on a whole new meaning after she came out as bisexual. She learned what a “unicorn” was on dating apps after she had already named her company Unicorn Island.

During a conversation with Kara Swisher at SHE Media’s SXSW panel, Singh was asked about how she conceptualized the name for her production company. “I really like unicorns…and I’m an adult and I can do whatever I want,” Singh quipped. “So when I came out and went on dating apps, I didn’t know it meant a third [in a threesome]. I learned that the hard way.”

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Singh founded Unicorn Island in 2018 to tell the stories of people long underrepresented and underestimated in media, with a focus on South Asian perspectives. The production company has released The Mindful Adventures of Unicorn Island, Kick Ass Drag Queen, and Singh’s latest film, Doin’ It, which Singh premiered at SXSW. “It’s about a 30-something-year-old Indian American virgin who accidentally finds herself teaching sex ed,” she explained. “It’s a commentary on sex education in schools and how there’s a lack thereof.”

The film was independently funded “by a group of South Asian people — majority doctors — who came together to finance this film,” noted Singh. “It takes a village. This movie might not have been made by traditional means because it is through the lens of an Indian woman. So, independently financed — I’m very proud of that.”

As for what Singh has in store for the future of the production company, she already has an idea in mind. “I have a slate of movies and TV shows that I want to make,” she said, noting that one in particular is inspired by her family. “I’m obsessed with my mom. She’s an immigrant woman from India who just crushes it and kills it.” She then goes on to talk about the aunties in her mom’s WhatsApp group chats and their adventures. “They make sex jokes, they do shots and they’re like not what we see on TV. I want to make a heist movie about them.”

Singh previously talked to StyleCaster about her success story and what keeps her motivated. “You keep making vision boards of all these accolades, but you don’t know what that feeling is you’re chasing. You think these things will make you happy, but then you accomplish them and you’re just like, ‘OK. Onto the next one.’”

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