Tyson Fury Backs Mike Tyson Vs. Jake Paul: “Fantastic For Boxing”

Heavyweight champion Tyson Fury views the Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson clash as “Fantastic for Boxing,” attracting millions of eyes to watch their July 20th clash on Netflix at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Many fans have been critical of the 27-year-old YouTuber Jake Paul setting up a fight against the 57-year-old retired Mike Tyson, who was recently seen using a cane for mobility. This is seen as a pathetic money grab with zero sporting value.

Jake Needs to Step Up (Or Step Away)

It’s troubling to see an influencer with no previous experience fighting top-15 level competition using boxing for money-making purposes, pulling the old legend Tyson out of retirement with him nearing 60.

Boxing fans would prefer that Jake focuses on relevant younger fighters, like Jai Opetaia, David Benavidez, or Artur Beterbiev, rather than stooping to the level of coaxing retired boxers to make some coin.

“I think it’s fantastic for boxing. You got a legend in boxing. You got a YouTube boxer that has come into the game and blew it up, and he’s got millions of followers, millions of views and millions of eyes,” said Tyson Fury to Charlie Parson’s YouTube channel, giving his two cents on the July 20th fight between 57-year-old Mike Tyson and the YouTuber turned boxer Jake Paul in Arlington, Texas.

Fury’s Hypocrisy

Of course, it makes sense that Fury would be favorable to the Paul vs. Tyson fight, given his Netflix docuseries At Home with the Furys. He’s obviously not going to bad mouth the Paul-Tyson fight with it being on Netflix

“I think it’s a really good spectacle for boxing and brings a lot of people to the game,” said Fury. “Who am I to say that Mike Tyson shouldn’t be boxing or Jake Paul shouldn’t be boxing. They’re both going to make a s** ton of money out of it. So, isn’t that what it’s about?”

Fury can’t criticize the Paul-Tyson fight, given that his last match was against 0-0 novice Francis Ngannou, who beat him and was robbed.

Ngannou was dug up from the MMA world for Fury to make money fighting rather than facing a real boxer, and he looked old and washed, getting dominated by the former UFC champion.

A “Pretty Even” Match? Give Me a Break

“The guy is 57 years old, but he’s a former undisputed world heavyweight king [Mike Tyson], and one guy [Jake Paul] plays with computers for a living, and he came into boxing a year ago or so. It’s a pretty even match,” said Fury.

“From being a kid on the Disney channel to fighting Mike Tyson, who wouldn’t want to do that?” said Fury.

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