Top 10 actors who surprisingly haven’t won an Oscar yet

In the competitive world of Hollywood, the Academy Awards stand as the pinnacle of achievement, celebrating the exceptional talents of actors, directors, and filmmakers. 

While snagging an Oscar is a career-defining moment for many, an astonishing number of revered actors have yet to receive this prestigious accolade. 

These performers have demonstrated their prowess across a range of roles, earning critical acclaim, fan adoration, and numerous nominations, yet the golden statuette remains elusive. 

Here, we explore ten such actors whose absence from the winners’ list might surprise you.

Tom Cruise at the Mission Impossible 7 premiere in London

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise, a megastar who has become synonymous with blockbuster hits, has seen Oscar nominations for both his acting and producing roles. Despite his critical and commercial success, including a nod for Top Gun: Maverick,”Tom has yet to take home the award.

Amy Adams smiling on a red carpet© Getty Images
Amy Adams

Amy Adams

Amy Adams, with her captivating performances in both lead and supporting roles, has been a perennial Oscars favorite, amassing six nominations. From her breakout role in Junebug to her powerful portrayal in Vice, Amy’s versatility and depth have consistently impressed, yet an Oscar win has frustratingly eluded her.

samuel l jackson

Samuel L Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson, an icon of cinema known for his charismatic and powerful performances, has surprisingly only been nominated once for an Oscar. His role in Pulp Fiction remains legendary, yet it didn’t secure him a win. Despite this, Samuel’s contribution to film was recognized with an honorary Academy Award, underscoring his indelible impact on Hollywood.

glenn close 1

Glenn Close

Glenn Close stands out for her eight nominations without a win, showcasing her incredible talent and range in films like Fatal Attraction and The Wife. Glenn’s gracious perspective on the awards, emphasizing the honor of nomination itself, reflects her class and respect for her peers.

ralph fiennes 1© Photo: Getty Images
Ralph Fiennes

Ralph Fiennes

Ralph Fiennes, celebrated for his captivating performances in Schindler’s List and The English Patient has been nominated for Oscars but has not yet won. His profound contributions to cinema, however, remain unquestioned.

Ian McKellen smiling
Sir Ian McKellan

Ian McKellen

Ian McKellen, a revered actor with a distinguished career in both film and theater, made history as the first openly gay male actor nominated for an Oscar. His roles in Gods and Monsters and The Lord of the Rings series have cemented his legacy, despite not winning.

Angela Bassett at the 81st Golden Globe Awards © John Salangsang/Golden Globes 20
Angela Bassett at the 81st Golden Globe Awards

Angela Bassett

Angela Bassett, with two nominations to her name, has broken barriers and set records with her roles, including a historic nod for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Angela’s honorary Oscar recognizes her vast contributions beyond specific roles.

Edward Norton smiling © Getty
Edward Norton

Edward Norton

Edward Norton has thrice been in the running for an Oscar, demonstrating his exceptional talent in films like Primal Fear and Birdman.”Despite not securing a win, Edward’s compelling performances continue to draw acclaim.

Michelle Williams at Cannes Film Festival© Getty Images
Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams, a nuanced and emotionally resonant actress, has received five Oscar nominations for her roles in critically acclaimed films such as Brokeback Mountain and My Week with Marilyn” Her dedication to her craft shines through in each performance.

sigourney weaver 1
Sigourney Weaver

Sigourney Weaver

Sigourney Weaver, a trailblazer in the science fiction and action genres, has been nominated three times, including a rare double nomination in 1989. Although she hasn’t won, Sigourney’s contributions to film, especially in roles that have redefined female characters in cinema, are undeniable.

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