The Heavyweight King Is Back: Charr Clashes With Pulev On DAZN!

Mahmoud Charr, the “heavyweight champion” of the world in a parallel universe where titles are won in courtrooms instead of the ring, prepares to “defend” his “WBA regular belt” against Kubrat Pulev over in Sofia, Bulgaria on March 30th, live on DAZN, and you can’t help but crack a smile at the sheer spectacle of it all.

Charr’s origin story? That’s a real head-scratcher. The guy’s probably flipping a coin to decide where he was born, whether it was Syria or Lebanon where he first started causing a ruckus. Fast-forward through a life story that’s got more colors than a Vegas light show, and now he’s strutting around Dubai, playing the German boxing star.

At 39, Charr boasts a set of hips that’s got more metal and screws than your granddad’s old Chevy. Despite being more familiar with the inside of a courtroom than a boxing ring in recent years, he’s preparing to defend his paper title next Saturday in Sofia. Charr will be putting his so-called “WBA regular championship” on the line, a title that seems to carry about as much weight as a paper crown at a child’s birthday party, especially with Oleksandr Usyk reigning supreme as the WBA’s super champion. This WBA “Regular” title, which Charr holds onto like it’s the last roll of toilet paper in a pandemic lockdown has seen more action in press releases, turning title defenses into something of a mythical event.

In boxing, where legends are born from the echo of leather on flesh and the sting of the canvas, our man Charr has blazed a trail as unexpected as finding a yoga class in a biker bar. Instead of the hallowed sweat-stained mats of the gym, he’s been shadowboxing in the sterile glow of courtrooms, trading the clang of weights and the rhythm of the speed bag for the soft shuffle of legal documents.

Speaking of the gym, with a blend of curiosity and hope, I turned to Charr’s social media, expecting video snippets of grueling workouts before his fight with Kubrat Pulev in Sofia. But, oh, what a peculiar spectacle awaited!

One moment, you’re greeted with a post that screams “Conquer your fears, own the ring!” complete with an image of Charr in a heroic pose, seemingly ready to take on the world. The next minute, you’re scrolling for some classic gym inspo, and then, bam! Charr hits you with content so off the wall, it makes you wonder if you’ve accidentally stumbled into the internet’s back alleys. It leaves you spitting out your protein shake in disbelief.

Then, just when you think it can’t get any weirder, Charr swings in with those motivational quotes like he’s the long-lost philosopher of the boxing world, attempting to school others on how to live and become a paper champ. It’s a wild ride from eyebrow-raising to outright facepalming, all served with a side of “what the heck did I just read?” The quotes, lifted straight from the pages of history’s greatest minds, are slapped onto images that range from the comically absurd to the downright nonsensical.

One post, brimming with audacity, casts Charr in the mold of legends, his image emblazoned with words that once danced off the tongue of Ali himself. “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee,” the caption declares, beneath a photo of Charr, fists raised, eyes burning with a fire seemingly fueled by the borrowed brilliance of The Greatest.

Then, as if caught in a whirlwind of his own making, Charr pivots from the poetic to the profound, plastering his feed with quotes of champions past, each accompanied by a snapshot that paints him as the heir apparent to a legacy woven from the very fabric of pugilistic greatness.

Every so often, a glimmer of genuine effort shines through—a video of Charr hitting the bag o reminding us that beneath the digital persona lies a fighter with real ambitions and dreams. Yet, these moments of authenticity are all too often drowned out by the cacophony of his online antics.

Charr, with a backstory that could give soap operas a run for their money, has fought the good fight, albeit in courtrooms rather than against top contenders in the ring. After an epic saga of inactivity that would leave even the most patient of fans tapping their watches, Charr is set to lace up his gloves once more.

With a fight record that’s seen less action than a dusty punching bag in the corner of a forgotten gym, Charr’s grip on the title has been nothing short of a Houdini act. One moment he’s on the brink of being stripped of his championship due to inactivity, and doping scandals, and the next, voilà, the title magically reappears around his waist again, all thanks to some legal wizardry and the WBA.

The WBA regular championship, a title that might as well have been mailed to him with a “best wishes” card, has been Charr’s claim to fame, a claim that’s been gathering dust since its last sighting in the wilds of an actual boxing match.

This begs the question: Is Charr a boxer or a barrister? His most significant victories seem to stem from legal settlements rather than left hooks. And as for the WBA, well, they’ve seemingly turned the heavyweight division into a courtroom drama, with Charr as the leading man. Charr’s reign as “champion” appears to be a masterclass in the art of NOT fighting.

Enter Kubrat Pulev, a seasoned warrior from Bulgaria, whose fists are itching to rewrite the narrative. At 42, Pulev’s resolve is as strong as ever, with a hunger for a title that’s been elusive, despite facing off against the who’s who of the heavyweight division. This fight, however peculiar the circumstances, presents a golden opportunity for Pulev to grab a victory, not just for himself, but for the sanctity of boxing titles everywhere. On his home turf, I’m banking on Pulev to send Charr packing with a mid-round KO.

Roll back the tape and let’s dive into the comedy gold that is Charr’s career, each episode more bonkers than the last. Picture it: 2012, our fearless hero, undefeated and oozing swagger, reckons he’s got the chops to square up with a behemoth like Vitali Klitschko. Brilliant, right? Flash forward to round two, and bam! Charr’s getting up close and personal with the canvas, sampling the floor’s vintage flavor..

The fight isn’t over until the bleeding starts, and by the fourth round, Charr’s visage is a crimson mask, halting the performance prematurely. Charr’s crying, moaning and protests were as effective as shouting into a hurricane, marking his first fall from grace. A complete mismatch.

YouTube video

Not to be outdone by mere physical setbacks, Charr’s saga continues in 2014. After a few less star-studded encounters, he throws himself into the fire once more, this time against Alexander Povetkin. Povetkin plays the part of the merciless executioner, sending Charr off stage with a brutal knockout in the seventh.

But why stop there? Charr’s quest for redemption takes him to a showdown with Mairis Briedis in 2015 under the watchful eyes of warlords and criminals in Chechnya, Russia. The fight? Short, not so sweet, and to the painful point—a single punch and Charr is once again acquainting himself intimately with the canvas. It’s a moment so perfectly orchestrated, one might wonder if the fates themselves have a sense of irony.

YouTube video

Yet, like a phoenix from the ashes (or perhaps more like a stubborn old mule), Charr rises again. He claims the WBA (Regular) title, adding a touch of gold to a career that’s had more ups and downs than a rollercoaster. Controversy? Sure, he’s had a taste. Inactivity and doping allegations see him stripped of his title, only for him to make a grand re-entrance, fists flying and knocking out some guy called Christopher LoveBoy or was it, LoveJoy.

YouTube video

The tale of Mahmoud Charr and the WBA “Regular” Title is one for the ages, a saga that has left fans, pundits, and fellow boxers alike scratching their heads in wonder. As fight night approaches, the boxing world watches with a blend of amusement and bemusement. Will this be the moment when the WBA “Regular” title materializes into the realm of legitimacy, or will it continue to be the punchline of the heavyweight division? Will Pulev be fighting Charr, or will he be contending with the shadow of Charr’s legal team?

My Prediction: Pulev’s gonna wrap things up with Charr by round 6, right in the thick of an absolutely wild home crowd going bonkers.

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