Stacey and Jack are caught out

EastEnders spoilers for next week reveal Jack and Stacey are caught kissing by Martin. But will he blow their secret affair wide open?

Meanwhile, Dean continues to mess with Jade’s antibiotics, but is he doing serious damage to his daughter?

Also, Honey confronts Ravi and Priya over Avani’s behaviour. All this and more in next week’s EastEnders spoilers.

EastEnders spoilers

1. Stacey and Jack struggle to resist each other

Jack is walking on eggshells around Denise and he confides in Stacey. She tells him he has to do whatever Denise asks of him.

Stacey later goes to see Denise and persuades her to give her marriage a chance. They then arrange a BBQ for everyone to bring Charli’s two families together, but Stacey feels awkward.

Outside Stacey tells Jack she wishes she could be selfish because she wants him, but he needs to be there for Denise. He holds out his arms and she falls into them to say goodbye.

2. Stacey and Jack caught!

Martin walks in just as Stacey and Jack share a kiss and catches them.

Stacey and Jack plead with him to keep quiet. They insist it was just a moment of madness and beg him not to tell Denise.

Chelsea then comes out and is suspicious of Stacey running after Martin. Stacey later admits the affair to Martin, but tells him it’s over. She insists it’s none of his business anyway, but still begs him to keep schtum.

Martin confides in Kathy what he saw. But Kathy desperately tries to persuade him to keep the secret – she knows the consequences for The Six if Denise finds out. However, will Martin agree to keep quiet?

3. Dean continues to manipulate Jade

Jade confronts Dean over dodging Shabnam’s calls and he manages to convince her he’s putting his head in the sand about her leaving. Jade then asks Dean if she can go to the fundraiser in The Vic and he says she can if she is well enough.

However, Jade has no idea Dean is still messing with her antibiotics to make sure she’s too ill to travel to Pakistan. Will it have serious consequences?

4. Jade’s charity auction

Dean manages to get Jean and Harvey onside after he is banned from Jade’s fundraiser. Dean then arrives at The Vic and Jade begs Elaine to let him stay to see her speech.

Waiting for her big moment, Dean begs Jade to stay with him in London. However, she insists she needs to go to Pakistan with her mum. With Jade getting weaker, is Dean’s plan going to work?

5. Honey takes on Ravi and Priya

Honey catches Will vaping and wants to know who sold him the vape. He confesses it was Avani so Honey charges into The Vic and has it out with Priya, who is unrepentant. However, Ravi then arrives and apologises.

6. Ravi and Martin vie for Priya’s affections

Ravi criticises Priya’s parenting and they row. She then flirts with Martin and offers to let him by her a drink later on at Peggy’s.

Ravi apologises to Priya and she promises to deal with Avani. They then meet at the club later and share a warm moment talking about their daughter.

However, then Martin arrives and Priya joins him instead of staying with Ravi who wants to have a drink with her. Is a new love triangle brewing?

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