Score an $87 Concealer Set for Just $39

“Wow this is the best concealer. Goes on smooth no caking blends great. Paddle is BEST tool ever. I have used every concealer IT, Westmore, bare minerals, tarte tape, Josie and they are all great but this one is awesome. Needs auto delivery,”

“The concealer is a perfect match, goes on so smooth and does not crease on my naturally very dry skin. Love the brush, perfectly blends the concealer out in seconds. So far loving so much more than shape tape which enhances dry spots unfortunately.”

“I have recently been suffering from severe under eye darkness and nothing has worked to cover. I used the tiniest amount of this product and tapped it in with my finger. This literally looks like my skin and the circles are gone!! I purchased 2 colors so that I can use this for contour and mix colors to accommodate self tanning as well. I’m 54 yrs old and this does not cake in my wrinkles like literally every concealer that I have ever used. This product is literally magic. I have not used the brush yet but please don’t ever stop selling this product. Please bring a super-size giant stick for full face use. I absolutely love this product. My all time favorite makeup purchase bcuz dark circles make a person look 20 years older. Thank You for this awesome product!!”

“I inherited two things from my family: a back that hurts and sways if I stand on concrete for more than 15 minutes and my dark circles. From the same side of the family! I have tried every concealer on the planet and buy and try them all at once: I have determined for me at least that a stick is better than a liquid of any kind. Fast forward to the end of the review: this is the best concealer I have ever had. I will be 60 in a month. That’s a good life of concealer effort. Six decades of the dark circles issue. I think we solved it! The brush is cool and I struck gold on the color. Reordering tonight.”

“I will buy again and again. This was a God-send this summer; I didn’t want to wear foundation, and this covered sun spots beautifully! It is not cake-y and is so easy to apply. And, the brush that accompanies it—WHOA! Love this!”

“I was using shape tape so I hesitated to purchase this but I’m thrilled that I did! I will never go back to shape tape after using this product. First I love the brush, brilliant! The undereye area is so thin and you don’t have to put any pressure on the brush during application. I am in my mid 40’s and after using this product for 3 weeks, I have seen a difference in diminshing wrinkles around my eyes. This concealer is lightweight, easy to travel with, creamy, and overall a product that I think helps treat the eye area, not just mask imperfections. Highly recommend you try this product!”

“Never wrote a review before. I usually try all new makeup at night before I go to bed. Fell asleep with this concealer on. Woke up this morning and it still looks as awesome as it did last night. No crinkles in it smooth as ever!! Perfect Color Love it!”

“First, this was so easy to use (love the brush). The color was perfect and wow, made my skin look even better. All women should try this if possible.”

“I never leave reviews but had to with this product! I never use concealer as it always settles in the lines around my eyes and makes me look older. I saw this and loved the presentation, so decided to give it a try. This stuff melts into my under eyes and blends beautifully and leaves my eyes feeling moisturized.. I’ve been putting some all over instead of foundation and it’s awesome.”

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