Sally Lindsay on her marriage to famous musician husband

Actress Sally Lindsay is currently playing a vulnerable divorcee who falls for a scam in Love Rat, but in real life she’s “happily married” to her husband in their “ivory tower”.

Manchester-born Sally, 50, describes the con in her latest Channel 5 drama as the “cruellest crime”, because it takes advantage of those who just want to find love.

But, luckily for her, Sally has found The One and enjoyed her 10th wedding anniversary last year (2023). So who is her famous husband, do they have kids, and what was their wedding like?

Here’s everything you need to know…

Sally Lindsay as Emma, and Gerard Kyd as Nico in Love Rat on Channel 5
Sally Lindsay as Emma, and Gerard Kyd as Niko in Love Rat (Credit: Channel 5)

Love Rat star Sally Lindsay on her role as Emma

Actress Sally Lindsay portrays recent divorcee Emma in the Channel 5 drama Love Rat. She was devastated when she enjoyed a holiday romance, only to get seemingly scammed by her handsome beau Niko out of £200k.

Talking about the role, Sally told us: “The script is so clever in the way Emma is emotionally manipulated into acting the way she does. She has a level of vulnerability because she’s been through this horrific divorce.

“I felt terribly sorry for Emma when I was playing her, because Niko (Gerald Kyd) is absolutely brilliant at saying exactly the right things, at the right time, and for the right reasons. So, there’s no reason why anybody wouldn’t believe that – she’s not kidding herself at any point, the manipulation of her is complete.”

Asked about why scams are so easy to fall for, she continued: “I’m sat here in my ivory tower happily married. But I can imagine if I was wanting to find love again, find that connection with someone again, and you meet someone who you think that is happening with… I can see how someone can believe that.

“I think for most human beings, they want someone to share their life with. So tapping into Emma’s need for this is just extremely cruel. You can take people’s money but this this is another thing – they take your heart and that’s just the cruellest thing in this drama.”

‘I am going through the menopause’

Sally also highlights the “subtle way Emma’s mental health is treated or questioned”. She said: “There are those little comments like ‘well, you know what your mum’s like’. I am going through menopause so can relate to brain fog and anxiety attacks.”

She added: “All those comments which treat menopausal women as if they’re a bit mad. It’s so frustrating. If men went through the menopause, there would be a menopausal clinic on every corner of every street in this country. The menopause is real, yet it’s as if we make it up.”

Sally Lindsay and her husband Steve White on the red carpet
Sally Lindsay and her husband Steve White on the red carpet of the Pride of Britain Awards in 2015 (Credit:

Who is the husband of Sally Lindsay?

Sally is married to drummer Steve White, who is eight years her senior at 58. The pair tied the knot in 2013 after 10 years together. They live in Stockport, Greater Manchester.

Steve is the former drummer of The Style Council and Paul Weller Band. He is currently drumming for Sheffield-based band Hague. He also teaches. In 2018, Steve presented and consulted on Sky Arts’ series The Art of Drumming, which won in the Documentary category at the 2019 Royal Television Society Awards.

In 1985, Steve became the youngest drummer ever on stage at Live Aid at Wembley Stadium at just age 20. Impressive! He currently works as the head of music on Sally’s shows.

Steve was previously married to first wife Hayley Marsh, with whom he had two children, Kristabel and Curtis. He is also the older brother of the former Oasis drummer Alan White.

Talking about their marriage in 2023, Sally told Prima magazine: “Steve and I have been together 20 years and married for 10. Working away a lot is what keeps the spark in our marriage – I genuinely believe that. We always have loads to talk about.

“He’s a brilliant man; he’s lovely and he’s sexy and he’s funny – and a rock star, which helps! He’s also the best dad.”

Does Sally Lindsay have children?

Sally Lindsay and husband Steve have fraternal twin sons, Louie and Victor. She gave birth in September 2010.

The twins, who are 14 this year, are not identical.

Talking about them in 2021, she described her sons as “hilarious”.

Sally Lindsay with her husband and two sons at Lego store
Sally Lindsay, her husband Steve White, and their twin sons Louie White and Victor White (Credit: PinPep/Cover Images)

What was her wedding like?

Sally and Steve were joined by the likes of fashion consultant Gok Wan, television presenter Carol Vorderman, comedian Alan Carr and actress Suranne Jones at their wedding.

She told Hello! magazine at the time: “The person who looks after me the most in the world is Steve so it would seem daft if we didn’t walk up the aisle together. It was also really important to me that we walked down as a family.”

She added: “Some girls have been planning their wedding day since they were six, but I was never one of them. And to be honest, I never thought I’d have kids. Because of the career I’d chosen, I never thought it would be possible. And then I met Steve.”

Steve said: “The service was perfect – personal but simple, emotional and heartfelt, which is what we wanted it to be.”

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Love Rat episode 3 airs on Wednesday, March 13, 2024 at 9pm on Channel 5. The series concludes on Thursday, March 14.

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