Ryan Gosling And Eva Mendes Don’t Do Red Carpets Together – Here’s Why

Despite all of this cuteness, many fans were still a little confused as to why Mendes chose to support Gosling from backstage rather than walking the red carpet with him. However, skipping joint red carpet appearances is kind of their thing. Over the course of their 13 year relationship, the pair have only ever appeared at one event together — the premiere of their film The Place Beyond the Pines in 2012. And at the time, they hadn’t even gone public with their relationship yet.

Last year, Mendes explained why in an Instagram comment. After a fan asked why they never attended events as a couple, she replied, “Like these photos I’ve been posting, I’m only comfortable posting because it’s already out there.”

She went on, “By ‘not comfortable,’ I mean exposing our very private life that we value. I’m still dying to do another movie with him though….”

After Mendes once again skipped the red carpet last night, some fans were a little disappointed. Because let’s face it, seeing this pair together would be nothing short of seismic in the world of celebrity.

“Why doesn’t she ever join him on the red carpet? Especially since he’s nominated. Imagine the glamour of the two,” one fan commented on her post.

“But we need you on the red carpet,” another chimed in.

Perhaps it’s time we all relaxed a little — after all, Mendes and Gosling deserve to support each other however they see fit. In fact, it seems that we are all increasingly expecting celebrity couples to perform their love for our benefit. Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are a prime example of just how much star couples content we seem to want – not to mention the new online trend of lip-reading our favourite pairings (read: Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet) to find out what they’re saying to each other.

Is it any wonder that Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes value their privacy? And for the record, Ryan always makes sure to pay tribute to Eva during his big career moments – from his sweet ‘E’ necklace to his award acceptance speech at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival in January.

After reflecting on his love of making movies and his career so far, he said: “But most importantly, I got to meet the girl of my dreams, Eva Mendes, and have two dream children. I dreamed of making movies, and now movies have made my life a dream.”

Sounds like this pair are doing just fine, sans red carpet and all.

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