Ryan Garcia Demands Jake Paul’s Respect Ahead Of Haney Fight

Ryan Garcia is bothered by Jake Paul’s honest assessment of his chances of winning his fight against WBC light welterweight champion Devin Haney on April 20th.

Jake questions whether Ryan (24-1, 20 KOs) will be up to the task against the unbeaten Haney (31-0, 15 KOs) in their 12-round headliner on DAZN PPV at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. Paul’s opinion has struck a nerve with Ryan, who needs validation from his friend.

Kingry Wants False Praise

Ryan says he wants Jake to Tweet to his followers that he was wrong about him if he successfully defeats Haney. He also wants him to say that he’s “the greatest of all time.”

In other words, Ryan, 25, wants Jake to grovel a little if he’s victorious and make a public proclamation of his talent. Ryan’s asking Jake for this clearly shows his insecurity and lack of self-belief.

Yeah, it’s kind of petty, but it bothers Ryan that his friend has questions about him having the ability to beat Haney. At least Jake is being honest instead of lying to Ryan about his doubts.

The Benefit of Honesty

It doesn’t help Ryan if everyone is blowing smoke up his tailpipe, telling him he’s going to destroy Haney, and give him the false illusion that he’s better than he actually is. False praise could be detrimental to Ryan.

Ryan Garcia: “I’m actually worried for you. Is that fair?” said Ryan on social media, letting Jake Paul know that he’s concerned about what’s in store for him against Mike Tyson on July 20th.

Jake Paul: “Honestly, I’m worried for you with Devin.”

Ryan: “Devin has pillow hands, you know that.”

Jake: “Not at 140.”

Ryan: “Literally, he dropped Regis and didn’t do s***. You have a killer instinct and are stronger than Devin. So, why am I worried about Devin?”

Jake: “Regardless of power, that’s not his best attribute necessarily.”

Ryan: “You just said he had power at 140.”

Jake: “I still think he does, but that’s not his best asset. His best asset is his technique, and skills pay the bill, and he has the best jab in boxing right now.”

Ryan: “So, when I out-jab him, what are you going to say then? What will be your first statement when I knock him out?”

Jake: “I would be, ‘Well, I was wrong,’ but I’m not afraid to be wrong.”

Ryan: “Can we agree on the Tweets that you’re going to put out right when I knock him out?”

Jake: “I’m not afraid to be wrong.”

Ryan: “Me neither. I just want to know what Tweets are you going to put out. What will you say? Can we agree on something? And I’ll agree on what I’ll Tweet if I lose.”

Jake: “I’ll Tweet, ‘Respect, I was wrong.”

Ryan: “No, it’s got to be something better. ‘Ryan is the greatest of all time, and he can beat my a** and everyone else’s a**. Let’s not f*** with him no more.’ If you say that, I’m cool.”

Jake: “And then I’ll put you as my profile picture, but you have to do the same. If you lose to Devin, you have to say, ‘Jake, I was wrong. You’re my profile picture now.’”

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