‘Romantic’ AFL superstars Josh and Nick Daicos share details of loved-up moments with partners

AFL superstar brothers Josh and Nick Daicos have opened up on their personal lives in a revealing appearance on The Front Bar.

The Collingwood premiership heroes appeared on Channel 7’s hit AFL show on Wednesday night along with their legendary father, Peter Daicos.

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Surprisingly, it was the first time the three of them have appeared together on a TV show.

And there were more surprises to come.

The brothers revealed they shared something like a ‘telepathic’ connection when playing the game, and things took an interesting turn when co-host Sam Pang inquired about their favourite movies.

Nick and Josh Daicos at the grand final with parents Peter and Colleen, and partners Arlette Amor and Annalise Dalins. Credit: Getty Images

It is a long-running gag in the AFL to respond to the movie question with the answer The Shawshank Redemption, and Peter naturally delivered like a true pro.

But, interestingly, Josh revealed his favourite film was The Pursuit of Happyness, which is a moving melodrama that features high-profile Hollywood actor Will Smith.

Nick also didn’t buy into the Shawshank ritual, also confessing to be a Will Smith fan.

His favourite movie is Focus that, along with Smith, stars Margot Robbie.

But Pang was just getting started.

He then grilled Josh and Nick about their love life.

“Have you both currently got partners?” Pang inquired.

“Yes,” they said.

Josh goes out with former Miss Universe Australia model Annalise Dalins, while Arlette Amor and Nick are an item.

“What is the most romantic thing you’ve done for your partner?” Pang asked.

Josh was first to answer.

“There would be a few … we’re both pretty romantic,” the 25-year-old said.

Then Nick, 21, chipped in: “Tickets to the grand final were big,” prompting the panel to fall about laughing.

Pang pushed a little harder. “What else have you got? Got anything else?”

“Moonlight cinema the other night … that was a nice experience.” Nick said.

Never one to miss a moment for a gag, a fast-thinking Mick Molloy said with a grin: “It was a Will Smith double.”

At the start of this year, Josh revealed he met Dalins in a bar on Melbourne’s popular Chapel St around three years ago.

“As soon as I saw her, I saw her smile and it made it so easy to go over there and talk to her, and the conversation just flowed,” he 9Honey in January.

Dalins said the relationship had “been so much fun”.

“We always talk about how we’re so excited to celebrate every anniversary, but then it got to a point where we just knew that it was just gonna keep going ,” she said

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