PWHL Boston Suffers Third Loss Against New York

PWHL Boston was once again stumped by PWHL New York, falling 3-2, at USB Arena on Monday night.

With the loss, Boston falls to 8-9-2-0 while New York improves to 7-9-2-1.

Check out the full box score here.

Coming off a recent one-goal loss to Toronto, Boston paid the ultimate price against New York after failing to muster up a strong enough offensive response.

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Boston’s Alina Muller attempted to spark a much-needed rally in the second period by slicing New York’s lead in half, however, that follow-up came far too late. Muller’s second-period goal was one of just three shots logged by Boston in the fame, signaling an offense that remained stagnant heading into the third period until Sophie Shirley refused to waive the surrender flag.

That turned what looked to be a near-sealed deal by New York into a nail-biting comeback bid from Boston.

Boston went after New York goalie Corinne Schroeder in a picture-perfect power play opportunity with less than three minutes remaining in regulation. But that proved to be the final chance, which Boston failed to capitalize on. The net was left empty by Boston with 1:08 left to play, and nothing came of it, sending the team right back to the loss column.

— New York’s Jade Downie-Landry netted the game-decider in the third period.

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— Shirley prevented New York from trotting with a cakewalk win, giving Boston a fighting chance by cutting the lead down with plenty of time left on the clock in the final period.

— Schroeder made 29 saves for New York, coming through in the critical moments when the matchup came down to the wire.

Boston will have almost a month off as they next host PWHL Toronto on April 18 at Tsongas Center at 7 p.m. ET. You can watch all the action live on NESN+.

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