Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s Team Addresses Shady Comments Made About Princess Catherine Scandal!

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s team weren’t the ones mocking Princess Catherine‘s photoshop controversy, and they want everyone to know it!

Earlier this week, sources close to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex told Page Six that the Suits alum would NEVER get caught manipulating a photo like her estranged sister-in-law, saying:

“If Harry and Meghan had ever encountered the same issue they would have been annihilated. The same rules do not apply to both couples. This isn’t a mistake that Meghan would ever make … she has a keen eye and freakish attention to detail.”

Another insider called her a “control freak” about imagery, doubling down on the fact that a mistake like this would never occur. But now sources from the couple’s camp are clarifying the comments!

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On Wednesday, a spokesperson from the Archewell Foundation told Newsweek that those shady remarks did NOT come from them, insisting:

“With respect to Page Six, that did not come from us.”

Here’s the thing, though: that doesn’t mean the comments weren’t from someone in the pair’s orbit! It’s just that their non-profit didn’t want to take credit!

Seems like Harry and Meg are trying to keep a low profile and not release a statement on the scandal. That’s understandable considering the spotlight is finally off them for once (well, sorta)! Besides, they’re already extremely estranged from Kate and Prince William, they don’t really need to comment one way or the other if they don’t want to. Who knows if they even know what’s actually happening anyway? The Firm has been VERY secretive, and they’re def not in the Wales’ inner circle at this point. It’s probably better they stay quiet and let those anonymous sources have at it! Right?? Let us know (below)!

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