NYT Connections Hints and Answers Today

Here are some hints and the answers for NYT Connections today, March 11, 2024 to help you solve today’s puzzle.

Connections on New York Times has been a regular thing for many – maybe you, too! Here are some hints and the answers for the NYT Connections on March 11, 2024.

NYT Connections Hints – March 11, 2024

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Connections categories are color-coded by category, yellow, green, blue, and purple, increasing in complexity and trickiness. Here are hints for today’s NYT Connections on March 11, 2024 to save some of your attempts.

Yellow Category: All words in this category mean the same thing, even if at first glance some of them do not. These are all words that a parent would do to their child, for example.

Green Category: The words in today’s Green Category all refer to a body part!

Blue Category: All of these words are things that you can find somewhere specific. Perhaps you have some (if not all) of these items inside the same room.

Purple Category: The words in today’s Purple Category all come after the same word. People whose native language is not English, or those not overly familiar with idioms may have trouble with this category, so we suggest leaving this one for last.NYT Connections Hints and Answers

NYT Connections Answers Today – March 11, 2024

Yellow Category: Treat With Excessive Care

  • Baby, Mother, Pamper, Spoil

Green Category: Backside

Blue Category: Things in a Spa Locker Room

  • Robe, Slippers, Towel, Washcloth

Purple Category: Cat’s ___ 

  • Cradle, Eye, Meow, Pajamas

The New York Times Connections is a micro-game available on the New York Times. It resets at midnight every day, with a new set of words. Each puzzle only has one solution, and sometimes red herrings may be put to make it a little challenging. Upon solving a category, the color would be revealed, denoting its difficulty.

Connections is the NY Times’ many micro games, which also includes what is arguably the most popular one: Wordle. Other games on the site include The Mini Crossword, Spelling Bee, Tiles, Letter Boxes, Sudoku, and Vertex, all of which refresh daily.

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