Morgan Wallen Hit in the Face With Fan’s Thong During Concert

Morgan Wallen has been pelted with a pair of panties. 

During his One Night at a Time tour show in Minneapolis, Minn., June 21, the “Last Night” singer was hit in the face by a fan’s thong after it was thrown onto the stage. 

As the country star sang “I Had Some Help”—his latest collaborative project with Post Malone—he leaned down to one side of the catwalk before the underwear was flung into his face. The 31-year-old quickly recovered, grabbing the thong off his face and smirking briefly before turning to the opposite side of the stage. 

While Morgan, who wore a pair of skinny jeans, black cowboy boots, a black button up shirt and a trucker’s hat during his June 21 performance, was not hurt by the flying undergarment, he quickly tossed them back off the stage before ascending back up the catwalk to finish his song. 

The fiasco happened just before the midpoint of the concert, and Morgan was able to continue performing without much interruption.

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