Millie Bobby Brown Reveals Stranger Things 5 Is Really Far Away

Millie Bobby Brown knows friends don’t lie.

That’s why the Stranger Things star got straight to the point about when fans can expect to watch season five of her hit Netflix show.

In fact, when asked if the final season of the Duffer Brothers franchise—which started filming in January—had finished shooting during a March 9 appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show, Millie responded, “No, we have nine months left.”

And though nine months may not seem very long, the Damsel actress’ answer doesn’t actually mean the show will premiere on the streaming platform in that amount of time. In fact, fans will likely have to wait at least another six months for post-production to finish, pushing the release date to sometime in mid-2025 at the earliest. 

And while that really, really far away premiere date might not be thrilling to hear—especially given the fourth season premiered all the way back in 2022—the 20-year-old, who plays Eleven in the series, shared other details from the forthcoming installment that will get viewers pumped. After all, Millie revealed there will be eight episodes in the finale and noted that she already knows “what happens to my character.”

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