Michael Jackson biopic gets ‘unbiased’ promise after bombshell rumors

Antoine Fuqua‘s forthcoming Michael Jackson biopic, Michael, was facing some allegations. However, the filmmakers involved want to disprove those rumors.

There was a report from Puck News that said that while Michael will contend with certain allegations made against Jackson, the film wants to “convince you Michael is innocent.”

It’s a tough balance. Even talking to Reinaldo Marcus Green, director of Bob Marley: One Love, he acknowledged that the Marley family was “protective” over certain aspects of the story depicted. Variety is reporting that at least one member of Jackson’s family is on set of the biopic every day. That is in addition to Jaafar Jackson, who will play his uncle in the biopic.

However, a spokesperson for the film told Variety that the Jackson estate “put their trust in Graham King, stepping out of the creative process.”

Another statement was issued to Variety. King said that he “went into this project with an open-mind and spent years researching Michael Jackson’s life and work — from his artistry to his public and private struggles, to his humanitarian efforts.”

He continued, “Michael’s life was complicated. As a filmmaker, I look to humanize but not sanitize and present the most compelling, unbiased story I can capture in a single feature film and let the audience decide how they feel after watching it. Michael clearly remains an impactful, culturally relevant artist with a life and legacy worth exploring.”

Antoine Fuqua’s Michael Jackson biopic

Michael Jackson biopic with real-life nephew gets first-look tease

Antoine Fuqua will direct the Michael Jackson biopic for Lionsgate. John Logan wrote the script, and Graham King, John Branca, and John McClaim will produce the film.

Jaafar Jackson will star as his uncle in the film. As photos from the film suggest, he will do a great job portraying his uncle. Colman Domingo (Rustin), Miles Teller (Top Gun: Maverick), and Nia Long (Boyz in the Hood) will also star in the film.

Music biopics have become very popular. Bohemian Rhapsody was a huge hit in 2019. Other films like Rocketman, I Wanna Dance with Somebody, Respect, and Bob Marley: One Love have followed.

Michael has a tall task if it hopes to prove its value. Certain tricky aspects of the story will be hard to adapt. But the film has a chance to go deeper than most music biopics.

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