Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Could Have Been ‘Vital Players’ In UK Had They Stayed!

The royal family are feeling the effects of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s exit in 2020 hard right now!

As you know, it has been a troubling time for the royal family. King Charles has been diagnosed with a form of cancer and has undergone cancer treatment. Meanwhile, Princess Catherine has been in recovery since January after she underwent a “planned” abdominal surgery and won’t be back to her public duties until after Easter.

Then, Queen Camilla has been on a break from her royal obligations after stepping up on her husband’s behalf at some royal events as of late. She will return to her duties on March 11 when she leads the family at Westminster Abbey in London for the annual Commonwealth Day service. And, of course, Prince William has been helping out but as insiders previously pointed out his “principal concern is his wife” at this time.

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With all these people out, folks cannot help but notice the glaring hole in the senior royals’ lineup. Many have even questioned how different things would be for the royal family if Meghan and Harry had stayed in the UK! As royal biographer Sally Bedell Smith told People on Friday, the Sussexes could have been “vital players” at this time:

“This is a slimmed-down monarchy in the ways the King could never have anticipated. This puts into much sharper focus what a terrible mistake it was for Harry to leave. If he and Meghan had stayed in Britain and stuck with their jobs, they could be very vital players right now.”

Catherine Mayer, the author of Charles: The Heart of a King, agreed with Smith! But she added that the royals “desperately need” Harry now:

“They desperately need him, and nobody could have foreseen the set of circumstances that would expose that so dramatically.”

Even if Harry asked to help out right now, we highly doubt the royals, especially William, would be willing to accept the offer! While Charles and Harry have taken “baby steps” towards mending their relationship, Will hasn’t been open to a reconciliation. Why? It all comes down to the fact that the Prince of Wales feels he can’t trust his brother — not after airing out the royal’s dirty laundry in the memoir Spare and on the docuseries Harry & Meghan! Royal author Robert Lacey explained:

“This is all to do with William’s wish to protect the institution of the monarchy, which he feels Harry can’t be trusted with. I don’t think William will ever agree to readmission of Harry into the family unless he clearly apologizes and moves forward.”

Not to mention, Catherine wants “nothing to do” with Harry, especially after he never reached out to her amid her health issue. So it is safe to say Harry and Meghan would be welcomed back into the palace fold anytime soon.

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