Matthew Perry included one ex-girlfriend in his will – details

Matthew Perry, cherished for his portrayal of Chandler Bing on Friends, left a poignant mark on his legacy by including Rachel Dunn, a significant figure from his past, in his will.

Rachel, whom Matthew dated from 2003 to 2005 and referred to as “the ex-girlfriend of his dream” in his memoir, stands out among his relationships as particularly meaningful. 

Their relationship concluded without drama, centered around Matthew’s dedication to his sobriety, a journey that was both personal and pivotal to his life.

Despite having connections with other notable figures in the entertainment industry, it was Rachel who was uniquely acknowledged in Matthew’s testament. 

Matthew Perry and Rachel Dunn during 2004 Emmy Creative Arts Awards © Steve Granitz
Matthew Perry and Rachel Dunn during 2004 Emmy Creative Arts Awards

He left a substantial sum in the Alvy Singer Living Trust, a name inspired by a character from Woody Allen’s Annie Hall, reflecting Matthew’s creative influences and the depth of his thoughtfulness.

Matthew’s will, crafted in 2009, aimed to ensure “a majority of his belongings to a trust,” signaling his intent to manage his estate with care and consideration. 

Matthew Perry was honored at this years Emmys

His estate, estimated at around $120 million, underscored the success he achieved through his career, particularly highlighted by the enduring income from Friends.

The beneficiaries of this trust, alongside Rachel, included Matthew’s family members: his father, John Perry, his mother, Suzanne Morrison, and half-sister Caitlin Morrison.

Rachel Dunn and Matthew Perry© Lee Celano
Rachel Dunn and Matthew Perry

 This inclusion of both personal and familial connections in his estate planning underscores Matthew’s thoughtful approach to his legacy.

Remarkably, Matthew’s will made clear provisions regarding potential future children, stating that those born after 2009 were not “explicitly entitled” to his fortune. 

Matthew Perry and date Rachel Dunn arrive at the 55th Annual Emmy Awards © Frank Trapper
Matthew Perry and date Rachel Dunn arrive at the 55th Annual Emmy Awards

This decision reflects the complex considerations celebrities often face in planning their estates.

The tragic circumstances of Matthew’s passing at the age of 54, from “the acute effects of ketamine” and contributing factors, have cast a shadow over his comedic legacy. 

His struggle with depression and the treatments he pursued, including ketamine infusion therapy, highlight the challenges he faced beyond his public persona.

The medical examiner’s report detailed the lethal impact of the high levels of ketamine in Matthew’s system, likening it to doses used for general anesthesia in hospitals. This, combined with his pre-existing health issues, culminated in a tragic accident that stunned fans and colleagues alike.

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