Mason Cox set to respond after interrupting GWS Giants’ pre-game midfield warm-up

Outspoken premiership AFL ruck Mason Cox has vowed to explain himself after being widely criticised for interrupting the GWS Giants’ pre-match stoppage warm-ups.

Cox became part of the narrative in the lead-up to Collingwood’s Opening Round clash with the Giants when he called the Giants’ home ground a “showground for livestock” after it was announced the reigning premiers would play there to kick the season off.

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The Giants hit back numerous times throughout the off-season with CEO Dave Matthews calling the joke “D-grade comedy at best,” before declaring his “hate” for Collingwood three weeks ago.

It set the scene for an explosive clash on Saturday night, and the Giants kept the barbs coming by creating a Mason Cox petting zoo at Giants Stadium.

The Mason Cox petting zoo. Credit: X

But before the game even kicked off, Cox ignited tensions once more by running straight through the Giants’ midfielders’ on-ground warm-up.

Cox invited himself into the drill, gave GWS ruck coach Shane Mumford a shove in the side, and ran off with the ball that Mumford had thrown up in the air, which was meant for the Giants players.

GWS forward Brent Daniels told Nine on Sunday that he thought it was “bizarre”, but Cox has foreshadowed an explanation of “what actually happened”.

“Lots of false commentary around this,” Cox wrote of the incident on his Instagram story, later on Sunday.

“Will explain what actually happened on this week’s podcast coming on Tuesday morning.”

Channel 7 cameras picked up the big man pushing aside Giants assistant Shane Mumford and grabbing the ball and running off with it.

“The Giants a bit bemused by Mason Cox going in there,” Brian Taylor said.

Mason Cox says he will explain what really happened on Saturday night. Credit: Getty/Channel 7

The incident quickly divided fans on social media, but former Giant and Essendon player Devon Smith made his thoughts clear.

“Shane Mumford should (have) whacked him,” Smith wrote on Instagram in a comment that received plenty of likes.

Collingwood addressed the emerging rivalry between the two clubs — whose preliminary final last year was decided by just one point — with their banner, which read: “Roses are red, Giants seem blue, they ‘hate’ us, but we don’t mind you”.

But there was a “y” missing on the word “they”, which the Giants quickly had a laugh at on social media.

Other fans thought it was all in good fun.

“King,” one fan said.

“Love it. Look at all the fish he will catch in the comments with this as well,” another said.

“Funniest set thing I’ve ever seen,” another added.

Others were more inclined to agree with Smith.

“This is beyond cringe,” one fan said.

“Bloke wants to be hated,” another added.

“Is that allowed?” a third asked.

Cox had a rough start to the match, failing to register a possession in the first half before finishing with five touches and 19 hitouts for the game.

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