Lee Mack reacts with ‘surprise’ as The 1% Club renewed for two more series

The future of The 1% Club has been confirmed by ITV – and even host Lee Mack is shocked over the news.

Since it premiered back in 2022, the ITV quiz show, fronted by Lee, has become a hit with viewers. The concept sees 100 contestants start out. However, if they want to make it to the end, they must answer correctly a question only 1% of the country could get right. If they do, they could win a top prize of £100k.

And now, as it returns to our screens tonight (March 9), the future has been revealed. And it’s good news for quiz lovers. Hurrah!

Lee Mack on The 1% Club
Lee is the host of the smash hit ITV show (Credit: ITV)

The 1% Club back for another two series

An insider recently told The Sun: “The show has well and truly proved its popularity with viewers. So it’s only natural to bring it back for not one, but two more rounds.”

As well as two new series there are also two Christmas specials on the cards.

I’m really delighted that ITV is risking me steering this ship once again.

Speaking to the publication, Lee shared his excitement at The 1% Club coming back.

He said: “Let’s be honest, the fact that I haven’t accidentally given £100k to the wrong person or read out the answer instead of the question is as much a surprise to me as it is to everyone else.

“I’m really delighted that ITV is risking me steering this ship once again.”

The 1% Club players
The show is coming back for more series – and Christmas specials (Credit: ITV)

How does The 1% Club work?

Everyone begins the show with £1k in their prize fund. But if they don’t get a question right, they’re eliminated and their money goes into a prize pot that the rest of the remaining contestants have the chance to win.

The first question asked by Lee is supposedly an easy one that 90% of people got right when 1,000 people across the UK were quizzed. As the show goes on, the percentages of those who answered correctly get smaller and smaller. Eventually, only 1% answered it right.

Lee Mack ‘loves’ the show

Not Going Out star Lee has previously admitted he “loves” hosting the show. He said: “If, like me, your lack of general knowledge frustrates you when doing quizzes, then watch The 1% Club. That way, like me, you can instead be frustrated by your lack of logic.

“Great contestants, loads of cash to win, and guaranteed ‘I can’t believe you couldn’t work that one out Dad!’ moments to cause family disputes. I love it.”

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