KSI Slams Jake Paul’s Tyson Fight: “A Lose-Lose Situation”

YouTuber KSI (Olajide Olatunji) is concerned that Jake Paul is in a no-win situation, taking on the 57-year-old former heavyweight world champion Mike Tyson on July 20th on Netflix.

KSI doesn’t see how the 27-year-old Jake can come out ahead against Tyson because if he wins, fans will discredit his victory by pointing out that he beat a middle-aged fighter who hasn’t fought professionally in almost 20 years.

If Jake loses to Tyson, his career will be marred worse than it always is from his loss to Tommy Fury, who is more of a celebrity boxer than a world-class fighter. He’s just seen as the no-talent half-brother of Tyson Fury, and that’s about it. Jake couldn’t even beat Tommy.

On the plus side, Jake will receive his biggest payday by far and will be able to enjoy the money he makes from the Tyson fight, even if he loses.

“A Lose-Lose Situation”

“I just feel Jake’s legacy will be, ‘He can knock out old people,” said KSI to IMPAULSIVE Clips, talking about the downside of Jake Paul if he defeats Mike Tyson on July 20th.

“I think it’s super sad. I don’t know why Jake took it. It’s a lose-lose. If he knocks out Mike Tyson, and he’s beaten an OAP. Old age pension. He’s 57. Mike Tyson is 57-years-old. Yes, in his prime, this would have been crazy, but now, it’s just sad.

“There’s going to be so many people watching. Millions and millions. Everyone is going to know him as a guy that knocked out an old Mike Tyson,” said KSI.

The fight is just a spectacle to attract the attention of the fans. Why else would Jake be interested in fighting Mike Tyson other than being seen by millions, making huge money, and increasing his popularity?

If Jake were seriously interested in competing against a relevant fighter, he’d call out former IBF cruiserweight champion Jai Opetaia or Mairis Briedis and fight one of those two.

The Money Factor

“I don’t think he’s [Jake] is going to knock him out,” said Logan Paul.

“But imagine if he gets knocked out by Mike Tyson,” said KSI about Jake.

“That would suck. That’s where it’s a lose-lose, but the win would be the fact that it’s on Netflix. One of the first live sporting events” said Logan. “For both Mike and Jake, the bag. I don’t know if you can say no.”

That’s what this fight is all about – money. Jake obviously can live with himself if he loses or wins because the money will be so good that it’ll assuage his guilt or disappointment over the outcome so that he can stand himself.

“I still think he [Tyson] can hit hard, but can he take hits? At his age, if you get hit by one solid Jake Paul punch, you’re prune juice,” said Logan about his doubts on whether Mike Tyson can still take a solid shot at 57.

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