Kiran Rao denies dating Aamir Khan during his marriage to Reena Dutta

Kiran Rao, Aamir Khan’s second wife, has denied rumours of dating him while he was still married to Reena Dutta, his first wife. She refuted claims of being the reason behind Aamir and Reena’s divorce, contrary to popular belief. Aamir and Reena announced their divorce in 2002, a year after the release of Lagaan. Kiran, who worked as an assistant director on the film, was speculated to have been involved in a romantic relationship with Aamir at the time, leading to the divorce.

Kiran Rao Aamir Khan

However, Kiran clarified that she and Aamir only started dating in 2004, three years after Lagaan’s release. In an interview with a leading news portal, she disclosed that she reconnected with Aamir three-four years after Lagaan’s release and barely spoke to him during the shoot, as she was dating someone else then.

Kiran Rao Aamir Khan

She further discussed the importance of couple’s counselling, highlighting the necessity of finding a neutral ground. She emphasised that marrying someone who has been in another relationship brings baggage that can affect the relationship. Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao tied the knot in 2005 and announced their separation in 2021. The couple has a child together named Azad. They recently collaborated on the project Laapataa Ladies.

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