Ken Jennings Slammed as ‘Suck Up’ by ‘Jeopardy!’ Coworkers

Ken Jennings is desperate to make a huge impact on Jeopardy! by snaring big-name guests such as Emma Stone and Taylor Swift — but network sources say he’s delusional and should stay in his lane if he knows what’s good for him!

The 49-year-old former software engineer insists it “would be exciting” to land Emma as a contestant — or even just have her in the audience — after the Oscar winner revealed she secretly tries out for the show every year but never gets a callback.

“Is Emma Stone in Taylor’s squad? Could we get Taylor to a game if Emma got on the show?” the quiz show host mused during a recent interview. “It seemed Emma implied she’s keeping a low profile when she tries out, so maybe she’s going to get on Jeopardy! in disguise!”

Sources say Ken’s ego has been in overdrive ever since producers canned cohost Mayim Bialik and gave him the full-time gig. But his “poorly disguised attempts to suck up to Emma and Taylor” didn’t score any points with his colleagues, spills an insider.

“He should be focused on the basics and making sure he knows the answers to the questions, not showboating,” the source says. “Plus, no way is Taylor or Emma going to do that. The talk is that he’s a dweeb and hasn’t enough charisma to get these gals to come on the show.”

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