Kate Middleton Photog Shares Details Behind Prince William Outing

The photographer behind Kate Middleton‘s newest car photo is slamming the brakes on conspiracy theories. 

Amid online speculation that the March 11 image—which showed Prince William and the Princess of Wales riding in the backseat of a Range Rover leaving Windsor Castle—had been digitally doctored to include Kate, photog Jim Bennett shared further details on how he managed to capture the buzzy moment.

“Car shots are unpredictable at the best of times,” he told People March 13, “and with some reflection on the glass it can be difficult.”

Bennett was expecting to photograph William, 41, on his way to London for Commonwealth Day service. However, after snapping a few pictures of the passing car, Bennett said it “wasn’t until I checked on the back of the camera to make sure I had a frame of Prince William that I realized there was someone sitting next to him.”

He added, “It turned out to be Catherine!”

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