Joey Graziadei & More Who Found a Match

As Bachelor Nation’s latest lead, Joey Graziadei courted 32 potential wives, served up some tough questions and emerged from the weeks-long experience with his perfect match—plus a few extra life lessons. 

“I was 28 and single coming on the show,” the tennis pro, who proposed to project manager Kelsey Anderson on the March 25 finale, told E! News’ Francesca Amiker. “I know that’s normal. But I also, in my life coming into it, thought that I would have a lot more figured out by now. And I think most people when they’re in that position, start to look within and question what it was: What did you do in past relationships? What do you need to learn?” 

And so while he was screening every last rose seeker for lifelong compatibility, he also “got the ability to learn more about myself, to challenge myself, to learn more about what I want in relationships,” he continued. “And because of that, of course I’m stronger. Of course I’m going to get more confidence. But in other ways, this show does mess with your confidence because you see so much. So I’m a work in progress. I think everyone is.”

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