Jack Della Maddalena brutally knocks out Gilbert Burns at UFC 299

In a thrilling showdown at UFC 299, Australia’s Jack Della Maddalena delivered a brutal knockout to Gilbert Burns

In a thrilling showdown at UFC 299, Australia’s Jack Della Maddalena delivered a brutal knockout to Gilbert Burns, reported by WWOS. Della Maddalena showcased his championship potential by overcoming adversity and securing a third-round TKO win.

Throughout the week, Della Maddalena had expressed his desire to challenge welterweight champion Leon Edwards for the title. However, he found himself in trouble during the third round of the fight. Despite displaying impressive combinations, Della Maddalena was taken down multiple times by Gilbert Burns, who appeared to have control over the tiring Australian.

With only a few minutes remaining on the clock in the third round, UFC’s Della Maddalena seemed lost for answers. However, in a surprising turn of events, he managed to escape Burns’ hold and delivered a thundering knee to the Brazilian’s face. Capitalizing on the opportunity, Della Maddalena unleashed a barrage of vicious elbows and hammer fists, forcing the referee to intervene.

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Commentator Jon Anik hailed Della Maddalena as a rising star on a championship trajectory. The Australian fighter, now boasting a 7-0 record in the UFC, acknowledged the tough competition in his division, stating, “There are some scary people in the division, and I’m the f***ing scariest.”

Prior to the fight, Della Maddalena had expressed his aspirations for a title shot. If not a championship opportunity, he had his sights set on facing undefeated Kazakhstani fighter Shavkat Rakhmonov. Della Maddalena believed that defeating Rakhmonov would solidify his claim for a title shot.

“If I beat Rakhmonov, nobody can deny me a shot at that title,” Della Maddalena stated. He emphasized the potential showdown as a clash between two prospects, with the winner earning the right to contend for the championship.

Jack Della Maddalena’s impressive victory at UFC 299 has undoubtedly put him on the radar of the welterweight division. As he continues his journey towards a title shot, fans eagerly await his next move and the possibility of witnessing more spectacular performances in the octagon.

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