Inside Lorraine Kelly and daughter Rosie’s bond: Tears, grandkids and dogs

Lorraine Kelly and daughter Rosie have an incredible bond and the *sweetest* relationship.

Telly icon Lorraine – on Saturday Night Takeaway tonight (March 9) – shares Rosie with her husband Steve Smith, whom she married in 1992. And while Rosie has a more ‘normal’ job compared to her famous mum, she’s made a few appearances on telly over the years.

However, Lorraine has faced a ton of backlash recently. The TV star came under fire after fans commented that Lorraine is away from her ITV show a lot. And daughter Rosie has been dragged into the abuse on social media, too.

This is because Lorraine tends to take the school half-term holidays off work – something she’s continued to do, despite Rosie now being a working woman. And it’s this time off that has caused some unjust uproar on social media.

But when did Rose make her TV debut? And why did Lorraine break down in tears over her on air? Keep reading to find out…

Lorraine Kelly and daughter Rosie on Celebrity Gogglebox
Rosie made her debut on Celebrity Gogglebox in 2021 (Credit: Channel 4)

Lorraine Kelly and daughter Rosie in Celebrity Gogglebox debut

Lorraine’s daughter Rosie worked full-time in Singapore for four years as a marketing and community manager at company Accela. She ended up moving back to the UK following the pandemic. But it seems she doesn’t mind dipping in and out of the showbiz and TV world.

Back in 2021, Rosie made her debut on Celebrity Gogglebox. She joined her famous mum and brought along her dog Ruby to sit down and watch the hottest shows on telly at the time.

The show was the first time the pair really gave an insight into their close mother/daughter relationship – and fans loved it. “Loving Lorraine, Rosie and Ruby on Gogglebox,” said one.

Lorraine Kelly and her daughter
Lorraine and her daughter have a close bond (Credit:

Lorraine ‘in tears’ live on air over Rosie

During 2020, Lorraine broke down in tears on GMB amid the Covid pandemic. The concerned mother shared her heartache about being separated from Rosie – who was in Singapore at the time.

Listen, it’s so good to talk to you baby. It’s so good to see your wee face.

Rosie spoke via a video link and updated everyone on the situation over in the country at the time. But as their chat came to an end, Lorraine was overcome with emotion Lorraine said: “Listen, it’s so good to talk to you baby. It’s so good to see your wee face.” As her voice started to break, she fought back the tears and added: “I do miss you.”

Lorraine Kelly and daughter Rosie are ‘not best friends’

Lorraine is no stranger to showering Rosie in compliments. The pair’s relationship is so tight that Lorraine’s home even features a recently revamped room for Rosie – despite her not living there.

Lorraine previously complimented her “amazing girl”, Rosie – who recently purchased her first home.

In an interview with Weekend Magazine, she said: “We talk about everything under the sun. I’m her mum, though, I’d never say I was her best friend because she’s got her friends already. I’d love to think she tells me everything but she doesn’t.”

Speaking to OK! last summer, Lorraine admitted that, while they do have a “good dynamic”, Rosie is “more sensible” than her TV star mum.

Lorraine said: “We do get on well. It’s a good dynamic, it really is. She’s far more sensible than me! I didn’t go to university to do journalism but she did, so I think she knows a wee bit more than I do. All you ever want for your kids is for them to be happy and for them to have lots of pals and to be content. Contentment is very underrated.

“We do see a lot of each other, but she’s got her own job, her own life, her own career. Although we do sit down and watch Married At First Sight together, which is bonkers. Oh my God, it’s nuts! And she gets me into things like Below Deck and all of that.”

Rosie’s career

So close is their bond that Rosie appears to be following mum Lorraine into the world of entertainment.

She’s already landed a guest spot on Jeremy Vine, and hosts a podcast with Lorraine called What If?.

Proud mum Lorraine appears to be putting no pressure on Rosie to settle down and have a baby with boyfriend James Bannister, though.

She told OK!: “You know how a lot of people think – especially mothers. They get obsessed and want grandchildren,. But I’ve got Ruby! And I would never, ever put pressure on Rosie. Ruby is actually my granddaughter. Angus [Lorraine’s dog] is the son I never had and Ruby is my granddaughter.”

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Catch Lorraine on Saturday Night Takeaway tonight (March 9) at 7pm on ITV1.


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