Grey’s Anatomy Stars Share Memories Before Season 20 Premiere

Nobody knows where they might end up. 

Especially the Grey’s Anatomy cast, who are in disbelief that Shonda Rhimes’ breakthrough show will premiere its 20th season on ABC March 14. In E! News’ exclusive behind-the-scenes clip, the cast, including remaining original stars Chandra Wilson and James Pickens Jr., reflection what the series means to them—and the fans. 

“I was coming into this untitled Shonda Rhimes project,” Chandra, who plays Miranda Bailey, recalled. “It was never going to go anywhere, but the pilot was going to help me pay off my credit cards.”

And James, the actor behind Richard Weber, added, “Looking around and seeing all these amazing actors that I had been fans of, to take this journey with them, I think that was what I was most excited about as an actor.” 

Meanwhile, Chris Carmack, who joined as Atticus “Link” Lincoln in 2018, touched on how special it felt to be welcomed onto the show in its 15th season.

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