Elon Musk Tells Don Lemon He Didn’t Pay Trump’s Legal Bills In Clip

“I’m not paying his legal bills in any way, shape or form,” a somewhat irritated-seeming Elon Musk told Don Lemon of his meeting with Donald Trump.

The clip was one of a handful Lemon shared with his former-coworker Erin Burnett on CNN this afternoon. In it, Musk denies giving Trump money and says their recently-reported meeting only happened by chance.

“I was at a breakfast at a friend’s place and Donald Trump came by,” Musk told Lemon, before adding” That’s it,” as if to close the book on the subject.

But Lemon wasn’t done.

“What did you talk about?” he asked.

A clearly flustered Musk said, “Let’s just say he did most of the talking.”

Lemon then asked Musk if Trump asked him for money.

“He didn’t,” replied the billionaire.

To see the exchange, click here.

The clips are from The Don Lemon Show, which is set to debut on X March 18. But, just hours after the interview took place, Lemon said he was told the show was canceled. He says the show will be posted on YouTube.

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