Did ‘Eastbound & Down’ Stick the Landing?

Andy Greenwald is joined by Chris Ryan to discuss “Chapter 29,” the series finale of Eastbound & Down. They open by talking about Danny McBride’s uncut style of comedy, why the HBO series warrants an extended conversation including but not limited to its comic hijinks, and how the creative team behind the show has since evolved (2:26). Along the way, they discuss its never-ending list of perfect guest stars and the gradual character development of Kenny Powers (18:53). Later, they explain how the finale is an example of both a satisfying conclusion and radical experimentation (40:17). Finally, they answer the titular question: “Did it stick the landing?” (64:50)

Host: Andy Greenwald
Guest: Chris Ryan
Producers: Kaya McMullen and Kai Grady
Theme Song and Other Music Credits: Giancarlo Vulcano

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