‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ features Lori Loughlin As A Big Cheater

Lori Loughlin was the big guest star on Sunday’s episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm — and her participation in the college admissions scandal took center stage.

The March 10 episode kicks off with Ted Danson asking Larry David to help the co-star of his play, who is Loughlin, get into David’s country club. Even though she served prison time for paying $500,000 to get her daughters into USC on false pretenses, Loughlin’s membership is approved after David gives a rousing speech to the club board.

But when David plays golf with the Full House star, she starts to show her true colors. First, she flaunts a special flag that allows her access to the fairway on a carts-only day. She claims that she earned her disabled status by claiming she has Epstein-Barr.

After their round, David sees that Loughlin has a disabled persons plate on her red Porsche.

The next time David plays golf with Loughlin, he learns that she was able to secure a better tee time by tipping the starter $50. She later lies about her score on a particularly difficult hole, even though her ball ended up in the woods.

When David questions her about the ball placement, she said, “I had a good lie.”

“You had a good lie, all right,” he mumbles as she walks away.

In 2020, Loughlin and her husband, fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli, agreed to plead guilty to conspiracy charges in connection with admissions scandal at USC. Her plea agreement called for two months in prison, a $150,000 fine and two years of supervised release and 100 hours of community service.

After she was released from prison that same year, Loughlin has become a go-to star for Great American Family. She’s already done some Christmas movies for the channel and on March 7, she won the Grace Prize for A Christmas Blessing at the 31st annual Movieguide Faith & Values Awards Gala.

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