Chas and Paddy kiss and Angelica sentenced

Emmerdale spoilers for tonight reveal Chas and Paddy share a kiss while seeking comfort from each other, but will they regret it?

Also, Angelica finds out her fate when she is sentenced. But how will she cope in the secure children’s home? And will Nicola and Jimmy find a way to get through without their daughter?

All this and more in tonight’s Emmerdale spoilers.

A moment of comfort is mistaken for more (Credit: ITV)

Chas and Paddy kiss

As she sorts everything out ahead of her double mastectomy on Thursday, it doesn’t seem like Chas is accepting the magnitude of the surgery she’s about to have. She only gives herself two weeks off the Woolpack rota after her operation. Aaron is concerned she’s in denial about the reality of the huge operation and how it will affect her afterwards.

It’s Paddy who finally gets Chas to open up about her fears. He lovingly comforts her as she reveals she is scared of what lies ahead. But their familiarity soon turns into more and they share a kiss.

Paddy quickly realises what a huge mistake it was, but his reaction is not great and leaves Chas upset. He then makes a swift exit and immediately confesses what happened to Mandy.

Mandy is quiet and doesn’t say a lot, making Paddy even more worried. Will she forgive him? Or are they over for good?

Angel now knows how her future will pan out (Credit: ITV)

Angelica sentenced in Emmerdale spoilers

The day of Angelica’s sentencing has finally arrived and the family are emotional. They know she is facing a custodial sentence for driving the car the night Heath died and then lying about it. But they have everything crossed the judge will be lenient and won’t send her away for years.

Angel says a tearful goodbye to her family before they leave for court. Jimmy and Nicola are a wreck and desperately try to fight the tears and stay strong for their daughter.

As she prepares to leave, Angelica is touched by Bob offering a word of consolation. Are relations finally thawing?

The Kings face the court together and are devastated when the judge reveals the sentence. Angelica is given eight months in a secure children’s home. How will they all cope with the news?

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