Cat Deeley home life with husband Patrick Kielty and children

Cat Deeley and her husband Patrick Kielty share two children and a beautiful home.

The couple, who met on Fame Academy in 2002, have built an Instagram-worthy life together, including a reported £5m Hampstead home.

Amongst raising their two young sons, Milo and James, Cat and Patrick have restored a 1950s doer-upper in the up-market London area. The couple even reportedly boast Harry Styles as their neighbour, a star-studded bonus of renovating the home they snagged for an estimated £4.9m, according to reports.

Cat Deeley wearing a red dress and smiling whilst husband Patrick Kielty puts his arm around her
The presenter married Patrick Kielty in 2012 (Credit: Sara De Boer/ /

Cat Deeley and husband Patrick Kielty’s home

Cat and Patrick are reportedly hoping to bring a touch of LA to the quiet London community. Meanwhile, they are overseeing the detailed renovation. They have previously documented the process on their social media, showcasing dramatic clips of the building being revamped.

Published in the MailOnline last year, the plans for the home are as follows, detailed in their architect’s design proposal: “The proposed external appearance builds on the inherent character of the existing house but updates it into a contemporary dwelling both in use and character.

“It is inspired by mid-twentieth design ranging from the designs of Alvar Aalto to houses of the west coast of America which are familiar to the clients who spent many years living there. Materials have also been introduced that connect the clients to their previous home in LA and to places that have significant memories for them.

“The design remodels a 1950 brick and concrete house with new and rear extensions, extensive internal alterations, adjustments to the blade roof form to bring natural light into the heart of the house.”

Cat has previously given a glimpse into a home she was sharing with her family, though it hasn’t been disclosed whether the family have officially moved into their passion project yet.

The house which Cat showed glimpses of on Instagram in November 2023 flaunted a spacious kitchen with chic, dark wood cabinets and minimalistic white marble counter tops.

When did Cat Deeley meet husband Patrick Kielty?

The famous couple met back in 2002, when working on Fame Academy. However, they didn’t strike up a relationship until a whole decade later.

The pair then fell hard and, after a whirlwind nine-month romance, tied the knot in a private ceremony in Rome. Cat and husband Patrick later welcomed two sons, Milo and James.

The smitten couple later moved their family stateside, so Cat could pursue her presenting career in the US. They moved back to the UK in 2020, after selling their reported £3.8m Beverly Hills mansion.

Patrick Kielty on the Irish Late Late Show
Patrick Kielty is a presenter and comedian (Credit: The Late Late Show)

Why did Cat Deeley move back to the UK?

Cat previously told You magazine that “fear was part of this,” when discussing the family’s reasoning for moving back to the UK.

She said: “There was a moment when I was with a friend looking at potential schools for Milo and we had to ask the question nobody wants to: ‘What do you do if there is a live shooter on the premises?’”

Cat on This Morning

Irish comedian Patrick, who hosts The Late Late show in Ireland, isn’t afraid of sharing his love for his wife on social media.

I didn’t know what a morning person actually was until I met this woman. She gets up every day with a smile on her face.

When Cat’s This Morning gig was announced, he gushed on Instagram: “I didn’t know what a morning person actually was until I met this woman. She gets up every day with a smile on her face. A 5.30am, whistling in the shower, smile on her face.

“Then downs two coffees, and gives you the look. The ‘what the [bleep] wrong with you, let’s do this’ look. It’s not a pretend smile. And it’s not just some mornings. It’s every morning.

“Which is bloody difficult because she’s married to me. I should also mention she likes a chat. To anyone. About anything. Anywhere. If there’s anyone in the world made for a show called @thismorning, it’s this human.

“Strap yourself in @benshephardofficial and welcome to my world. We couldn’t be prouder of you @catdeeley. Go get ‘em Mama!”

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