Bucks rookie literally looks down at rim on insane putback slam

The Milwaukee Bucks certainly wish they can get a do-over of their horrific performance on Tuesday night against the Sacramento Kings. They got blown out of the water, 129-94, in a game that wasn’t very competitive for much of its duration. Nevertheless, even during low points, there are glimmers that are worth holding onto. In the Bucks’ case, they will certainly be proud of the way rookie Andre Jackson Jr. handled himself out there on the hardwood.

Even with the game out of reach, Jackson made it a point to give it his all. What came as a result was one of the best feats of athleticism anyone will see from an NBA player. With the Bucks down 126-90 with a minute and a half remaining in the game, Jackson came storming into the paint to throw down a putback jam off an AJ Green miss. And get this — Jackson’s head was above the rim, and his elbows were bent when he threw down the ball, which means that he could have elevated higher had it been necessary for him to do so.

For reference, the NBA rim is 10-foot tall; Andre Jackson Jr. is 6’6, so to fly above the rim, he needed to elevate nearly 40+ inches to accomplish what he just did against the Kings. Gerald Green had the world screaming when he pulled off a windmill dunk with his head above the rim; given how much elevation the Bucks rookie got, he certainly could have thrown down a windmill himself had he been farther away from the rim.

The Bucks have an athletic marvel in their midst, and it’s plays like these that would increase the clamor for him to get minutes. Milwaukee needs more energy and size on the wing, and Jackson, despite being raw on the offensive end, deserves a look — as do MarJon Beauchamp and Chris Livingston.

Alas, Doc Rivers hasn’t really trusted many rookies, so Jackson may not have many more opportunities to turn heads with his world-class athleticism. Perhaps in the coming years, Jackson becomes a household name thanks to his jaw-dropping ability to defy gravity.

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