Baltimore Bridge Suffers “Catastrophic Collapse” After Struck by Ship

Hearts are with the people of Baltimore.

In the early hours of March 26, Maryland’s Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed after being hit by a 948-foot cargo ship, the U.S. Coast Guard confirmed to NBC News.

As Secretary of the Maryland Department of Transportation Paul Wiedefeld said in a press conference, “This caused a catastrophic collapse of the bridge.”

At the time of the collapse, there were people on the bridge, with authorities ultimately removing two from the water. While one was not injured, according to Chief of the Baltimore City Fire Department James Wallace, a second “has been transported to a local trauma center that is in very serious condition.” 

Authorities “may be looking for upwards of seven individuals,” Wallace shared, however, he made it clear that this information is subject to change as more intel is received.

“We are still very much in an active search and rescue posture at this point,” he said during the press conference, as seen in a video shared by Sky News. “And we will continue to be for some time. We have a large area that we have to search. This includes on the surface of the water, subsurface, as well as on the deck of the ship itself.”

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