Ariana Grande’s Best Song Oscars Presentation Caused Nominee Diane Warren To Throw ‘Mini Tantrum’: REPORT

MORE Oscars drama?? Apparently so… only this one you wouldn’t have heard about on TV. And actually that’s where the troubles begin…

According to Puck News, Best Song nominee Diane Warren was furious at how Ariana Grande and her Wicked co-star Cynthia Erivo handled presenting the award! And apparently she let everyone around her know it, even going so far as throwing a “mini tantrum”! It wasn’t about losing out to Billie Eilish for the tearjerking What Was I Made For from Barbie, per the newsletter. It was the fact Ari went straight from the banter to reading out the name of the winner — without ever listing the nominees! Meaning Diane’s name didn’t get mentioned before Billie’s win…

Warren is a perennial nominee in the category but always a bridesmaid. She’s been nominated 15 TIMES, including almost every single year since 2014. Often, like this year, her nomination is the only area in which its movie gets anywhere close to an award. This year’s song was The Fire Inside from Flamin’ Hot — the based on a not-at-all-true, born-in-a-marketing-meeting story of the origin of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. Yeah, not exactly Oscar bait. And yet Diane gets those nominations, no matter what. Not always for undeniable bangers that get airplay or leave a cultural footprint. But Oscar noms, those she can score every time. She just has the knack, we guess.

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But Diane apparently wasn’t happy with just a nod. It wasn’t enough that her song was performed by Becky G onstage at the prestigious ceremony. The way Puck News reports it, she wanted the namedrop. And fair enough.

But she did actually get one.

This wasn’t Ariana’s mistake, btw. For some reason the show didn’t think it was necessary to recap the categories that were presented throughout the night. You know how viewers were confused as to why Al Pacino didn’t read the nominees for Best Picture before announcing the winner? Well, they did the same thing with songs. Each one got a performance instead, and in the intro to that performance they announced the movie, the songwriters, everything. Here’s that one, listen closely at the beginning…

But one mention apparently wasn’t enough for Diane, per this report. According to them, eyewitnesses saw her jump up immediately as the show continued, running around the orchestra level trying to find someone to complain to, like a member of the Board of Governors. It was so embarrassing, per the report, that Flamin’ Hot director Eva Longoria saw it and “bailed for the lobby.” Oof.

Honestly, we agree they should take the note from both incidents and just recap the nominees next year. Heck, if for no other reason than we’re sure Warren will be there again!

What do YOU think, Perezcious readers??

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