Andy Cohen Has A Surprising Reaction To Mauricio Umansky Bringing Hilton Family Feud Back Into Limelight!

Mauricio Umansky might have stepped in it by dredging up his decade-plus-year-old real estate feud with Rick Hilton… but Andy Cohen doesn’t necessarily think so!

As we reported on Wednesday, Kyle Richards‘ estranged husband rocketed to the top of the headlines after a new clip for his Netflix show Buying Beverly Hills dropped. In that short segment, Mau can be seen and heard re-hashing the business feud that caused him to split off from Rick’s Hilton and Hyland real estate group and start his own brokerage, The Agency, way back in 2011.

The most notable immediate fallout from Mau’s decision to speak about splitting from the firm came courtesy of Rick’s daughter Paris Hilton. In an Instagram comment reacting to Umansky’s Hilton family shade, the socialite said her bloodline is “sick of him using the Hilton name every chance he gets to plug his lame show.” Oof…

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And now, it is Andy’s turn to weigh in!! On Wednesday’s episode of his SiriusXM show Andy Cohen Live, the 55-year-old Bravo exec and host spoke up about Mau’s move. But he ain’t mad, or sad, or glad, or anything else!! He noted:

“I’m seeing online a lot of people saying that I or Bravo should be pissed about Mauricio revealing stuff on Netflix on his show, but I would say a lot of what he’s revealing is his story to tell.”

The longtime Watch What Happens Live host went on:

“So, people think, ‘Oh, Bravo should be furious. Why is he saying this on his show?’ Well, it’s his show on Netflix.”

Not Andy’s beef, not Andy’s fight, not Andy’s problem! Now, if that all were contained within the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills universe, surely the Bravo exec and his team might feel differently. But this is Mau’s separate streaming project. Important distinction! And if he wants to call out old friends-turned-foes and reap whatever consequences that may come from it, well, he’s free to do that. Shoulder shrug mode activated!

Now, that said, there is another component to all this: Mau’s estranged wife Kyle, and her fraught relationship with her sister — and Rick’s wife — Kathy Hilton. So, while Andy isn’t interested in trying to police Mau’s streaming storylines, he did note that Kyle has “her own story to tell” regarding the real estate fracture and the family fallout. Acknowledging that he “can’t speak” for the 55-year-old Kyle “on any level,” Andy nevertheless did say:

“My gut is that there was probably so far she wanted to go on her show because she didn’t want to further complicate an already complicated relationship with her sister.”

Yikes. Old wounds, and all that. No doubt there will be plenty to be mined there for RHOBH content… and Buying Beverly Hills content… and shady IG comment content from Paris… and radio show content reacting to all that! LOLz! Thoughts, Perezcious readers?? Surprised by Andy’s laissez-faire take on Mau’s move, or nah?! Sound OFF in the comments (below)!

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