Anareal’s Rice Water Hair Growth Spray Is on Sale for $15 at Amazon

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If you’ve been wondering how to strengthen and lengthen your strands without breaking the bank, Amazon’s Big Spring Sale has your back. Among the pages of beauty deals, you’ll find Anareal’s Rice Water Spray, which contains an impressive roster of hair growth ingredients that give you fuller, longer, healthier hair.

Anareal Rice Water Spray Ingredients

Which powerhouse ingredients am I talking about? Oh, just rice water, biotin, caffeine, and castor oil. You’ll notice these four main components in many hair growth product ingredient lists, and for good reason.

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Biotin encourages the natural production of keratin, which is responsible for keeping your strands healthy and strong.

Caffeine has been found in studies to block the effects of DHT and encourage hair shaft elongation, resulting in longer, thicker hair follicles over time, according to Healthline.

As for castor oil, Dr. Sanjay Batra previously told Stylecaster, “The most important thing is that castor oil may reduce the production of prostaglandin D2 by a stressed scalp, thereby lowering the amount of this hair growth inhibitor in the hair follicles.”

Last up is rice water. Dr. Batra told StyleCaster, “The sterols in rice water, including the anti-androgen molecules named stigmasterol and sitosterol, can pass through the scalp, especially with the help of the fatty acids. They go into the scalp and reduce the amount of damaging hormones, such as DHT,” Dr. Batra told StyleCaster. 

Anareal Rice Water Spray

When mixed together, these ingredients have the potential to promote hair growth
, give life back to dry and damaged hair, repair split ends, protect against breakage, and encourage stronger, fuller strands. The brand says it’s especially great for addressing hair loss in women. After all, one of the best ways to reduce hair loss and thinning is by nourishing and hydrating hair follicles. At the same time, these ingredients boost circulation, combat dandruff, and calm irritated skin, per the brand.

Anareal’s Rice Water Spray is down to just $15 during Amazon’s Big Spring Sale, so don’t wait a second longer to snatch it up. The savings event ends on March 25, so make a mad dash to checkout and let this spray work its magic on your hair.

Should I use rice water spray? 

Anareal says its Rice Water Spray works for all hair types
, especially those experiencing hair loss. Whether your hair is thinning, color-treated, normal, or curly, mist this formula into your strands and watch them grow stronger and longer.

What are shoppers saying about this product? For the most part, very positive things, as its 4.6-star overall rating on Amazon would show.

“My hair definitely likes the formula in this stuff as it has my hair looking extra volumized at the roots. I can see some growth near my hairline already which is a huge plus! It tried many products and this one does good work,” raved one happy shopper. 

“I’ve tried multiple products for hair growth and this is by far the best thing I’ve purchased. My hair actually feels thicker
. which I was beginning to think there was no hope. I highly recommend and I will purchase this over and over again,” another reviewer wrote.

Another one commented, “I love how it’s made my hair feel thicker and healthier. I brought this product after my hairstylist cut my hair more than what I asked and it has helped with the growth and has me loving my hair again.”

If you’re trying to get thicker, longer, healthier strands, look no further than Anareal’s Rice Water Spray. Act fast while the hair growth product is down to $15 during Amazon’s Big Spring Sale.

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