Amber Rose LOVES That Her Ex Alexander ‘AE’ Edwards Is Dating Cher – Here’s Why!

Cher and Alexander Edwards have Amber Rose’s seal of approval!

When it comes to her baby daddy’s dating life, Amber couldn’t be happier that her ex-man is dating the Believe singer. That’s because what benefits him also benefits their son! During an interview with Jason Lee that was posted on Wednesday, the model dished:

“I’m very happy that he’s with Cher because it creates stability for when [our] son goes over there. That it’s not all mayhem and stuff.”

Okayyyy! We like that answer!

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Amber, of course, shares 4-year-old son Slash with the music producer. Clearly surprised at the answer, Jason followed up by asking, “he goes to Cher’s house? So you’re definitely not the mom that’s like ‘You’re not going over there.’” Amber responded:

“Absolutely not. Why would I do that? Let’s be very clear — why would I ever be mad at her?”

Very mature! She added:

“I don’t want him. Somebody’s gotta tolerate him and it ain’t gonna be me, right? So I’m very happy that he’s over there with her because it’s stability for my son.”

The exes broke up in 2021 after three years of dating. A.E. later revealed that he cheated on her. So, we don’t blame her for wanting nothing to do with him!! Ha! The mom of two continued:

“The only thing that I ask is that you’re a present father, [and] you help with me to get him through private school.”

She noted that she wants Slash to attend the same private school as her older son Sebastian, 11, whom she shares with ex Wiz Khalifa. The rapper added:

“Just be a present father. I don’t care if it’s her, or a dog, or a dolphin or a f**king rat. I don’t care who you are f**king, I’m not that type of baby momma. That’s not who I’ll ever be. I want him to be happy because a happy parent is good for our child. So that’s all I care about.”

We love her honesty and acceptance! Well, maybe not the part about dogs, dolphins, or rats. LOLz! But after what she recently revealed about her own mental health, we’re glad it seems like BOTH parents have gotten to a happier place. Watch her full interview (below):

What are your thoughts, Perezcious readers? Do you get where Amber Rose is coming from here? Read more about A.E. and Cher’s dating life HERE!

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