15 Best Maternity Jeans For Pregnancy in 2024

When I first got pregnant, investing in the best maternity jeans was firmly off the cards. I strived to make my Levi’s 501s work for as long as possible. I’d always been adamant that I didn’t want to succumb to maternity denim—maternity clothing at all, in fact. I knew that buying things that I’d only wear for a maximum of nine months was not great for the environment or my bank balance.

So, at first, I started off by undoing one button of my ‘normal’ jeans and throwing a long top over them. Then, sure enough, it was two buttons, with the elastic band trick to keep my waistband together. During the second trimester, though, I had to admit defeat. They just weren’t going to fit any longer, no matter how big the elastic band was or how long the top was to cover it.

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Shopping for jeans is a mammoth task even when you’re not pregnant, so throw a growing bump into the mix, and you’ve got yourself quite the headache. Sure, you could avoid shopping for maternity jeans entirely, rather living in maternity nightwear or comfy maternity leggings for nine months straight. But jeans are the anchor of every wardrobe, solving a hundred “I have nothing to wear!” scenarios. Throw some knitwear over the top and you’re good to go.

For me, jeans were also a major part of my fashion identity. I had multiple pairs that I alternated throughout the week, dressing up or down as the occasion dictated. I knew I needed to do some research.

Obviously, we’re all for trying not to succumb to buying new stuff that you’re only going to wear for a few months (sustainability is always a major consideration when we shop), but some good-quality maternity denim is worth adding to your maternity clothes collection. Here’s everything you need to know – and every FAQ answered.

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When should I start wearing maternity jeans?

Denim is one of the first things that tends to feel a bit restrictive when you’re pregnant, unlike the yoga pants and white t-shirts you’ll likely be able to fit into for quite some time. While everyone’s bumps grow at different speeds, you’ll probably start crying out for a pair of maternity jeans between the two and four-month mark (depending on whether you’ve had a baby before). ‘Til then? That handy hair-tie hack will expand the rigid waistband of your favourite pair of light-wash boyfriend jeans.

What are the different styles of maternity jeans?

When it comes to the best maternity jeans, they fall into two main camps: under-bump maternity jeans and jeans that fit over the bump, wrapping your belly in a layer of stretchy jersey. You can also find maternity jeans that have a regular fastening at the front and elasticated panels at the side, but these are less common.

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