14 Emmerdale spoilers for next week including betrayal

These 14 Emmerdale spoilers for next week include Chas and Paddy kissing before she has her operation, Angelica receiving her sentence and Ella and Liam’s first stirrings of romance.

Here’s everything we know in our Emmerdale spoilers for next week.

Emmerdale spoilers

1. Aaron worries for Chas

As Chas sorts cover for her time off for her operation, she only allows herself two weeks off the Woolpack rota.

Aaron starts to worry that his mum isn’t facing up to the reality of her operation, but will he get through to her?

Paddy is there for Chas (Credit: ITV)

2. Chas confides in Paddy

After a long chat with Paddy, Chas finally tells him her concerns about the surgery. He is supportive.

As Paddy offers comfort, Chas admits she fears the worst. It’s not long before the formerly married couple’s familiarity creeps back in…

Things soon get heated (Credit: ITV)

3. Chas and Paddy kiss

Swept up in the moment, Paddy’s loving comfort turns into something more. The pair share a kiss.

They soon pull away with Paddy knowing he’s made a big mistake. His reaction is tactless however and he hurts Chas as he leaves.

How will Mandy react? (Credit: ITV)

4. Paddy confesses

Mandy is left completely shocked when Paddy confesses he kissed Chas. She reacts very quietly and contained, which worries Paddy immensely. Is Mandy really okay with this?

Aaron is there for his mum (Credit: ITV)

5. Chas has her operation

Aaron is there by Chas’s side as she is taken into surgery. She puts on a brave face for him, but once alone her nerves take over.

Aaron is joined by Cain as they wait for news on Chas. Both are grateful for the other’s support, but neither will admit it. Will Chas come through it okay?

6. Angel prepares to hear her fate

Jimmy is struggling with the prospect of his little girl going to a secure children’s home. But he puts on a brave face and holds back tears as Angel says goodbye to her family.

7. Bob begins to thaw

As Angelica prepares to leave for her sentencing, Bob sees her. He manages to offer her a word of support, which leaves her touched.

Jimmy and Nicola are worried for their daughter (Credit: ITV)

8. Angel is sentenced

At the court, Angel is devastated when she is given eight months in a secure children’s home. Jimmy and Nicola are also upset, but try to be strong for their little girl.

Nicola soon breaks down as she imagines how awful this must be for her daughter.

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Nicola is beside herself with worry (Credit: ITV)

9. Bob and Nicola support each other

As Bob reads Angelica’s letter he gets emotional.

Meanwhile, Nicola and Jimmy are left reeling when Angel calls them in a state of distress. Nicola breaks down as she tries to cope with the fact she’s completely helpless to protect her daughter.

She then goes to visit Bob at the B&B and apologises to him. They share a moment of support as they deal with a shared grief.

Can they figure out a way forward for their marriage? (Credit: ITV)

10. Charity makes a decision about Mack

After her first therapy session, Charity is in torment. But Mack’s incessant talking isn’t helping.

With Mack upstairs, Charity leaves the house and he’s confused when he finds her gone. He soon tracks her down to the side of the road where her car has broken down.

He knows he should have given her space, but can they get through this? Or has Charity come to another decision about the future of their relationship?

Kerry is there for Chas (Credit: ITV)

11. Chas and Kerry bond

Kerry says she will be civil with Chas, but soon she’s eavesdropping on Chas’s conversation with the hospital.

Kerry follows her and offers some support, which surprises Chas. She opens up about her operation and Kerry says they should put the past behind them.

Soon enough it’s so far behind them that Kerry blags herself a job behind the bar. She and Charity make quite the team, but is this just a recipe for disaster?

Rhona is desperate to see Ivy (Credit: ITV)

12. Rhona tries to find a distraction

When Mary shows Rhona photos of Ivy on Gus’s social media, Rhona is tearful.

Lydia soon offers a distraction when she insists Rhona organise a bash for Marlon’s upcoming 50th birthday.

Houseplants suddenly spark romance! (Credit: ITV)

13. Romance for Ella and Liam?

Sparks are flying at the surgery for Ella and Liam. They are even bonding over houseplants. But Manpreet isn’t happy about it. Will she put an end to their relationship before it’s even started?

14. Belle left upset again

Tom and Belle agree to look after Elliot and Carly so Jimmy and Nicola can visit Angel.

But things take a turn when Belle finds her laptop is broken by a spilt milkshake. She doesn’t see any way she can complete her proposal on time and is upset.

However, does Tom know more about this than he’s letting on?

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