Where Does Nick Lachey Live? Current Home and Past Houses

Nick Lachey’s come a long way from his roots in Cincinnati, ​Ohio. The Love Is Blind host has lived in a couple of different locations over the years, but he and wife Vanessa Lachey have finally settled down in one of the most magical places on earth – Hawaii.

Where Does Nick Lachey Live?

Nick and Vanessa call the island of O’ahu, Hawaii, home. The decision to make the leap to the land of surf and sun came after Vanessa landed a role on NCIS: Hawaii in 2021. At the time, she and Nick were living in Los Angeles.

“We thought we were going to do a Hawaii to L.A. ‘travel-on-the-weekend’ thing,” Vanessa told Travel + Leisure in an article published on March 30, 2022.

However, after just two weeks of traveling back and forth from Hawaii to L.A., Vanessa and Nick decided to pack everything up and make O’ahu their new home.

“We sold our house and now we’ve got Hawaii license plates!” Vanessa said. “This is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been emotionally. There’s a magic. When you live here and are surrounded by the loving people …you can’t help but feel it and get moved by it.”

Where Did Nick Lachey Live in California?

The Lacheys lived in a couple of different places in California before moving to O’ahu. Nick and Vanessa, who have three kids, had a home in Encino, which they lived in from 2011 to 2016, while splitting time between there and Cincinnati, Ohio. The Mediterranean-style home featured six bedrooms, seven bathrooms and a billiard room, and it also had a pool, as well as a basketball court and a large backyard. In 2016, Nick sold the home for $3.9 million

Where Does Nick Lachey Live? Current Home and Past Houses
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The Lacheys also owned a home in Tarzana, a suburb of Los Angeles. They purchased the home from NFL player Randall Cobb for a little over $5 million, according to The Daily Mail. Their home in Tarzana was built in 2015 and housed five bedrooms, five bathrooms and two half-baths. Plus, as a bonus to the kids, it came with its own playhouse as well as a swimming pool and basketball and tennis courts. The 98 Degrees singer sold that home to tennis pro Naomi Osaka for $6.3 million in 2022.

Where Else Has Nick Lachey Lived?

Nick was born in Harlan, Kentucky, but his family moved to Cincinnati, Ohio when he was young and he grew up there. He and Vanessa split their time between the West Coast and Cincinnati until 2016 when they decided to move to Los Angeles for good. Nick didn’t sell his Ohio home until 2023, after he and Vanessa decided to make Hawaii their permanent home.

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